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Waikiki Beaches: Kuhio and Queen’s

Sunset at Waikiki beach

The beach at the end of Kapahulu Avenue in Waikiki is divided by a concrete walking area that extends out into the ocean and provides great views for sunset. On the right-hand side of that walkway is Kuhio Beach.On the left is Queen’s Beach.

From the concrete walkway
From the concrete dividing walkway

Kuhio Beach has a retaining wall, which provides some protection from the waves and creates a calmer beach area. You never want to turn your back on the ocean, but the retaining wall provides a good place for weaker swimmers, children and their parents to enjoy the beach with less worry. If you want a gentler beach experience, this is the place to set up. The water nearest the retaining wall has rocks under it, which means the deepest part of the ocean on this beach never gets above six feet under normal conditions and in most tides.

Queen’s Beach is the wild side of the surf. The waves aren’t huge, but the sand drops off quickly into the water. People body surf, boogie board, snorkel and surf here. One person reported that he had seen puffer fish and several kinds of trigger fish just a few feet off shore. Beach volleyball is also available.

There are lifeguards stationed in the area. They cleanup at the beginning of the day, so make sure you take your trash off the beach when you leave. They have more important jobs, including flagging signs to indicate dangerous conditions. The current can be strong, and jellyfish may be present. An orange flag indicates some sort of danger; check the sign for more information.When in doubt, don’t go out.

Behind the beach areas is a grassy knoll. If you don’t like sand or want the shade of a palm tree, you can sit here. Some people even setup hammocks in the evening.

There are a lot of legends about where Waikiki sand comes from. The answer, according to Hawai’i Magazine, is Hawaii. There were shipments in the 1920s and ‘30s from California, but Waikiki stopped importing sand for the beaches in the 1970s. It now gets the sand from a nearby ocean floor.

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