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It’s Our Patreon Anniversary and You Get the Present

Our Patreon Anniversary is August 12! In celebration, we are giving penguin Christmas ornaments to anyone who signs up at the $10 level or higher! But you need to sign up before August 18, 2019.

The ornaments are handmade by Jenya from two layers of felt in the style of our black and white penguins. The larger ones are about 4 inches tall and the smaller are about 2.75 inches. A ribbon at the top makes them perfect for hanging from your Christmas tree.

You could also adapt these penguins to hang from almost any place, like your car’s rear view mirror or a door knob. (It might take a little ingenuity.)

Thank you to all our current Penguinators. Join the fun, and we could be thanking you, too!

penguin ornaments with patch and penny
Patch and Penny with penguin ornaments

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