Stuffed Penguins

When Jenya and I met for our second date, she handed me a white stuffed penguin with an orange beak and feet.

“That’s amazing!” I said as I examined it. “But why is it white?”

“Because that’s what you have on your website.”

I looked it up, and indeed, my logo penguin is white. I asked her where she found the penguin, and she said she had it made for me. Then I asked if the person could make more and how much they would cost.

Jenya went back to the person who made the first penguin, and that person said that she wasn’t interested, then she moved to another country. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to avoid making penguins.) So, Jenya decided to put the sewing skills, which her grandma had insisted on teaching her, to work. She made our first penguin, Piotr, and our second penguin, Perpetua.

By the third penguin, Petunia adopted to Muraviovska Park, she was ready to move forward with a plan to make and sell penguins. And they are glorious! She’s made Maltese knights, pirates inspired by the PotC attraction, penguins cosplaying as Power Rangers, our traveling penguin Penny in her Raincoat and a total of over 50 penguins.

Each penguin and his or her outfit is handmade. The eyes are hand-embroidered, so every penguin has its own expression, and these expressions change depending on the POV of the person looking at him or her. They are soft, cuddly and make us laugh a lot, especially when Penny Penguin is trying to fly. We love our penguins, and we want to spread the joy to others that they bring to us. Adopt your penguin today.

We donate a portion of the fees to a penguin charity for every stuffed penguin who gets adopted.

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