Cinnamon Penguin Plushie-Stuffed Penguin


Cinnamon Penguin plushie is ready to enjoy some French toast, cinnamon rolls and your company. Adopt this penguin & help the Royal Albatross Centre.

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Cinnamon Penguin plushie loves French toast, cinnamon rolls, and hugs!

Jenya made this adorable, big ball of fluff from ultra-soft, good for cuddling, faux fur for its cinnamon brown and grey body. She hand-embroidered the eyes and used a traditional technique to attach the wings. There are no hard pieces – nothing to scratch or choke on. She used black plush for the feet and beak for better cuddling. And this penguin’s full of hypoallergenic, flame-retardant holofiber and love. Cinnamon Penguin’s quizzical look will keep you guessing.

Cinnamon penguin plushie is approximately 11 inches tall and 5 inches wide with a 15-inch wingspan. It is about 15 inches in circumference around the belly – just the right size for squeezing. When you adopt your penguin, $7 from the adoption fees will be donated to the Royal Albatross Center in New Zealand. (Also available at our Etsy shop.)

Read about Cinnamon Penguin and the cinnamon rolls!

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