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Books with archery themes
Books with archery themes – not all these books are available.


We have a lot of books available. If you know which one you want, tell us. Otherwise, you’ll need to see what titles we’re working with. Books are $5 each. We have a limited supply, so when we sell out, they’re gone. Starting with Darren Lamb’s books:

  • His Sea of Sin trilogy is three books about friends, who experience horrible tragedies and how they deal with them. In the second book, a serial killer is on the loose. In the third, the venture into the sex-trafficking world of Thailand. These books are well written and engrossing.
  • Rebirth: A Zombie Tale” takes place during the zombie apocalypse when a Buddhist monk must set out to find the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.
  • The Book of Benjamin” explores what happens if the mysteries of the universe are really found within a person or within every person.
  • His latest book, “The Happiness Program,” offers up advice to get you moving toward greater happiness.
  • Ronin Buddhism” is especially helpful for anyone feeling alone in their search for truth. Plus, it has a Batman Buddha on the cover.
  • Little Book of Loving Kindness” focuses on Tonglen meditation and over 100 prayers to help you manifest a kinder, more loving life.
  • The Worst Buddhist” is illustrated by Darren’s daughter. It features the comical adventures of the worst Buddhist in larger format and provides guidance for parents to help their children learn to quiet their minds.


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