Pear Penguin with sweater


A black and white stuffed penguin named “Pear.”

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Pear is going through the adoption process! Pear is so excited to meet his forever family!

Pear Penguin. This penguin is know for a full belly and soft fur. Pear has been taking notes on travel and fish from Patch and is ready to find a forever home.

Pear is about 7 inches tall and made from faux snow leopard fur. Pear’s feet and beak are black faux fur and fuzzy. The eyes are hand-embroidered, and the penguin is handmade by Jenya.

Pear comes with a passport and loves fall weather, colorful leaves, and fresh fruit. (And fish!) Pear wanted to make sure to get that last part in.

Order Pear Penguin now, our Black and White penguins have been so popular, that we are down to our last faux snow leopard material.


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