Save Halloween, Save the US Postal Service, Support Your Comic Shop


Let’s save Halloween and the post office at the same time. Order one of these packages to get a Halloween surprise.

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Happy Halloween to our PenguinatorsCalendar
Happy Halloween

Disney Parks have canceled Halloween activities. Whether or not Trick or Treaters will be allowed to go from door to door and be well-received is questionable. Halloween parties will likely be canceled or much smaller, and you can forget bobbing for apples. That doesn’t mean you or your children need to skip Halloween. We can save Halloween.

One of the best parts of Halloween is the surprises that comes from going to different houses. The full-sized candy bar is always a winner; coins are also great. No child wants the toothbrush; fruits and homemade treats are a drag because they get thrown away. While we aren’t going to send candy bars through the mail, we are going to send a Halloween Comic and some other paper-based surprises for as long as supplies last.

If you want to get a package for you child, simply fill out the order form, and use the secret code (found on this YouTube video) to get a free Halloween Package. This offer is limited to 25 people. (If you opt to pay for it, we will increase the number of packages available for others.)

As a bonus, if you leave a costume that your child is going dressed as, I’ll shoot a video of me opening a door and saying how great the child’s costume is. You can have your child knock on something. The door will open. There will be a pause for the child to say “Trick or Treat.” I’ll hand the package over and say “What a great…” (Or fantastic, amazing, awesome, or some other encouraging word.)

Your package will be sent via the United States Postal Service. It will carry the return address, and be labeled with a “Do Not Open ‘til Halloween” and “Only Open after Saying the Magic Words.” Order early to ensure on time delivery. These comics were purchased from Tony’s Kingdom of Comics in Keizer, OR. Tony’s is not affiliated with this project or Let’s save Halloween.

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