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Do you like to be surprised? Looking for an advent calendar, I realized that one reason I liked them was because each day was a surprise. I didn’t want to know what was in the box, and when I read the descriptions, I decided the calendar wasn’t for me. It’s the same appeal that collectible card packs and Kinder Eggs and Joy have. Part of the fun of the holidays is the anticipation.

The same can be said of gifts at any time of the year, but sometimes, it’s difficult to be surprised or to surprise someone else, especially if you share finances and/or spend all your time with that person. I’ve been looking for stockings that are already filled with surprises, and I’ve run into the same problem. Businesses tell you what’s inside, so you won’t be disappointed. I don’t want to know what’s inside until I open it. If that leads me to opening a box with a bunny rabbit onesie from my great aunt – so be it.

So, how do you get surprised when you’re by yourself and you want to have a treat? Or when you want someone else to be surprised? Kinder Joy are legal in the U.S., and sports cards, card games, and other collectibles in packs and virtually are also available. Horizon books has a mystery bag that you can order for $25. (In case you don’t know about Horizon books, they are an Indie bookstore in Seattle putting together surprise book packages for people. It’s a fundraiser to help keep them in business. I’m giving them a shout out because they helped to inspire this project.)

At, we are also offering surprise packs to help create the sense of anticipation and joy that comes with the good unknown. We will send you an 8.5 by 11-inch bubble mailer with five items for $7 plus shipping and handling. These packs will be themed, contain mostly flat items, and be geared toward creativity. A pack may or may not contain a book or booklet, a bookmark, a sticker, coloring pencils and army man. A pack may or may not contain a key chain, a button, a set of pogs, a toy car, and a small number of tiny building blocks. Really, the point is that no one knows what is inside because it’s supposed to be a surprise – though there’ll probably be a book or booklet. I love books. Still, who knows?!?

The first five packs we are offering are themed: Discovery, Tomorrow, Adventure, Fantasy, and Frontiers. Order yours today. (If you have a suggestion for a theme, feel free to let us know!)

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