The Pirate Union


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Alex Travelline loves everything about being a pirate, except for the paperwork. While the Pirate Union keeps pirates from attacking the same ships, it also requires an infernal amount of documents, forms, and time spent at the PU headquarters.

When Pirate Internal Affairs recruits Alex to help the PU with a problem, he reluctantly goes all in and finds out that something’s rotten at the PU. With his new crew members and few stalwarts from his original crew, Alex must find out how to foil a plan to end life as he knows it. Hopefully, he can lose his passivity and his tendency to go unconscious enough to defeat those who would end Swash.

The Pirate Union is a rollicking sea adventure featuring plenty of pop culture references, daring-do and some of the strangest pirates you have ever meant. Throw your political correctness overboard and join the Jolly Rogue’s adventures through transformations, magical creatures and deadly encounters. Get the eBook at Amazon.

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