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Willow Penguin Plushie hatched in time for Russian Easter and on American Easter. Are you ready to adopt a penguin friend?

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Russian Orthodox Easter happens a week after American Easter. This year, it’s on April 19. Rather than Palm Sunday, they celebrate Willow Sunday with clippings from a Willow Tree. These are brought into the home and kept until the next year.

This year, we celebrated Willow Sunday with the arrival of our new Penguin, Willow. This penguin is soft, cuddly, and just the right size for a tea party at home. Willow’s fur is a cinnamon color on top with dark lowlights, and Willow has a beige color for the stomach. The eyes are blue and hand-embroidered, and Willow’s wings are able to move!

If you’re interested in adopting Willow, the adoption fees include travel for the penguin. Willow is approximately 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide with a 5.5-inch resting wingspan. The penguin plushie is about 9 inches in circumference around the belly. This little handful of fun is just the right size for your purse. When you adopt this penguin, $5 from the adoption fees will be donated to the Royal Albatross Center in New Zealand.

Willow is super excited to find a forever family. Will it be you? If you would prefer to use Etsy, Willow’s available over there, too.

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