Writing and Editing Services

Article writing: Keeping your website fresh and current for search engines requires that you continuously update it on a schedule. A blog post once a week is great. If you can use SEO principles in your blog posts, even better. If you don’t know the principles, or you just want a blog post that your website visitors will find fun, informative or engaging. I can help.

I have over 10 years of experience writing articles tailored for SEO. I have written blog posts for websites including Cantu’s Culinary Creations, the Worst Buddhist, Whole Home and Body Health, and Bell Organic Farms. I’ve also had stories on Medium picked by the publications: “The Startup” and “Heated.” In December 2022, I started writing as “Ivar” for Asgard Alaska, Inc.

I won a Drabble contest for my short story “Rhapsody in Blue.” I can cover almost any topic you need. Contact me, so we can work out the details. Articles usually run 6 cents a word with a minimum of 250 words.

Editing: If you need your book, short story, or blog posts edited, I can help. I have served as an assistant editor for “The Globe” newspaper and worked as an editor for environews.tv. I focus on fiction and can edit for AP-style in nonfiction. Contact me with the details of your project and let’s see how we can improve your writing. Below are some of the books I have edited. Copy Editing is generally 3 cents a word, but ask about our specials.

Drue M. Scott – Quantum Souls
  “The Quantum Souls is a captivating look at the human soul and what happens when it is torn asunder – with aspects terrifying and graphic; it brings a unique flavor to the discussion of life, reincarnation and, most importantly, love. Brennan, a neophyte conscience, attempts to find out what and who he is, he receives help from two more experienced souls – with one of whom he has a dark connection. The three face-off against an evil entity, attempting to shift the universal balance of good and evil, in a confrontation that is surprising and soul threatening. Prepare yourself for the thrill ride of your afterlife. 
–Shad Engkilterra”

Corinthian Souls – A novella set in the world of Quantum SoulsCorinthian Souls shows how two souls can lighten the dark even when they have known each other forever and for the first time.

Love, En Ami – A novella set in the world of Quantum Souls, that will have you asking how far you would go to save someone’s soul.

Quantum Souls 2: Entanglement: The second book and fourth story in the Quantum Souls series.

Darren Lamb – Red Rain
​ “
When Mark and his family are brutally assaulted in a fraternity prank gone wrong, Mark is the sole survivor having lost his voice, his wife and his daughter. What happens when the justice system fails and Mark, a former Marine sniper, finds the dark side of enlightenment? Mark’s friends – Mike, his spotter and buddy from the Marine Corps, Hattie, the Life-Flight nurse who saved Mark’s life, and Larry and David, two members of the God Squad with surprising skills and interests – race to stop Mark in this exploration of one man’s attempt to take back his power through the only means he understands. The second novel in the Sea of Sin series, Red Rain will pour over you like a twisted fairy tale, but who will live and who will die happily ever after?”

The upcoming book in the Sea of Sin series by Darren Lamb.

Nadirrah – In the Season Thereof
A recipe book for those interested in following a raw diet. Great as an introduction to delicious raw eating or for those who are more advanced and want new recipe ideas.