Adult Fiction Graphically Exploring Love and Power with LGBTQI+ Characters

Drue M. Scott’s first book “Found on the Alcan” is a true-life story that takes place on the highway that goes from Alaska through Canada and to the Lower 48. While traveling down the Alcan Highway, Drue picks up a hitchhiker, who opens Drue up emotionally. Drue experiences break-throughs that are powerful and surprising, but can what he’s missing really be “Found on the Alcan?” You can order this book through our website, it comes directly from the author, or pick it up at our store when we have it available. Or order it from Amazon using the affiliate link. You can also visit Drue’s website.

Scott’s “Quantum Souls” adult fiction series depicts graphic violence and sexual situations. It is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re looking for a heart-pounding story of good vs. evil where the very souls of men and women are at risk, “Quantum Souls” will fulfill your need for great literature and exciting adventure. The series consists of four stories, all of which are available on Amazon. You can also find “Quantum Souls” on our website. When our store opens, we will be able to send them out as well. Check out Drue M. Scott’s “Quantum Souls.”

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Drue M. Scott is a sign language interpreter who currently lives in Orlando, Fl. His time in Alaska is spent traveling the great outdoors and enjoying the company of the friends he made while living there. His adult fiction often starts out as a short story, which then expands into something greater. Scott has been writing since the 3rd grade and considers journaling an important aspect of his life. Drue is working on “the Monster in Blackwood Forest” series. He has finished the first two books and is working on the third. You can find short stories based on the characters in the books at his website. Follow him on Facebook for uplifting quotes.