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Where Does Real Motivation Come from?

photo of assorted letter board quote hanged on wall; real motivation comes from within

(This article contains affiliate links. Making a purchase from one of these links won’t cost you any more than normal, and it helps fund our blog. Thank you.) I was trying to come up with a post for Monday Motivation, and everything I thought of fell flat. I could write about a motivational song like, Smash Mouth’s “All Star” or Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” or I could choose a quote attributed to some famous person, like “if you can dream it, you can do it” – not said by Walt Disney. I could tell the story of a famous person who started of bankrupt and found his or her way to fortune – Walt Disney, again. None of those feel right.

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Disneyland TV Videos on YouTube for Sunday Funday

Partners statue in Disneyland

(These videos may not be available in your region.) In 1954, the Disneyland TV Show premiered on ABC television. The show started a year in advance of the opening of the park and was a way for Walt Disney to use the power of television to advertise and drum up anticipation for his new park. ABC agreed to be the guarantor on a loan for the park. In return, the last place channel got quality entertainment from the most popular entertainment company in America. The show would run on all three networks for 36 years, missing only the 1984and 1985 season. For 25 of those years, it would air on Sunday. It was the second longest running show on television. Since getting rid of Netflix, Jenya and I have been exploring the offerings on YouTube for the Disneyland TV series.

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Nabisco’s Animal Crackers: How to Sell More Cookies

Cookie Saturday Roly Poly Penguin

While the idea for animal crackers came from England, it was Stauffer’s that produced the first animal crackers in the United States in 1871. The factory was in York, PA. While Stauffer’s are the original in the U.S., Nabisco’s animal crackers may be the most famous. In 1902, Nabisco jumped into the animal cracker business. They used the Barnum name from the famous circus for their animal crackers. These snacks were put in boxes resembling train cars with animals caged in them. They featured a string across the top of the box.

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The Wooden Pot Serves Goodness in Blackwood Forest, OR

Drue M Scott author of "The Monster in Blackwood Forest"

I got a sneak peek at the menu for the Wooden Pot café in Blackwood Forest, OR, and I gotta tell, you the menu offerings look fantastic. The café itself is focused on a few sandwiches and coffee drinks. This allows it to make sure that what it serves will be amazing.

The Lunch Menu

While I can’t give everything away, I think the first thing I would get is the PB&J Extreme open-faced sandwich. I also find the Full-Moon Soup appealing. I guess I could get them both. Maybe my wife and I could share. The Juniper Blueberry Latte sounds just exotic enough to make it the best choice though I’ve heard the coffee here is fantastic on its own. The Wooden Pot offers daily specials, so depending on what they’ve got going on for the day, I might opt for something else.

The Wooden Pot Opening

The Wooden Pot can only be found in Blackwood Forest, and its opening date has yet to be revealed. If you want to visit the town and the café, you need to make a reservation with the only tour operator who can take you there: Author Drue M. Scott. Beware, while the Wooden Pot looks inviting, Blackwood Forest is a different animal entirely.

During the day, you get a quaint, small town in the Oregon forest with all of its beauty and failings. At night, things become darker, even, or more correctly said, especially when the full moon shines down on the trees, sidewalks, and streets. A quick day trip may be your best bet. Otherwise, be sure to get a room at the seedy hotel and wait for sunrise before going outside again. Watch Drue’s blog for tour availability this coming September or October. It will be an adventure with characters that you’ll want visit again.

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‘Forks Over Knives’ Encourages Viewers to Eat a Plant-Based Diet

fruit salads in plate - Forks over Knives encourages plant-based diets

Forks Over Knives” (affiliate link) presents the case for a whole food, plant-based diet in a convincing and clear manner. Not only does it exhaustively explore the health issues related to the Western diet that has a heavy meat component, but it also explores the relationship between government regulators and the industry they are supposed to regulate and between meat and the destruction of the environment.

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Everything You Think about Hard Work Is Wrong

adult business commerce cook

In America, you’ve been told that if you work hard, you will succeed, and for most people, that means get rich. However, hard work isn’t the only thing you need. You need to have talent, luck, and to find the right occupation for you. Minimum wage workers have some of the hardest jobs in society. (If you’ve never worked at McDonald’s, you don’t know how difficult that job is, especially if you’re working with a crew of less-than-motivated teens or for a disgruntled, entitled customer.)

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August is the Month to Shop on Etsy: Win $5,000

Adopt one of our penguins on Etsy and you could win $5,000

Etsy and Mastercard are teaming up to give Etsy shoppers $5,000! From now until the end of August, one lucky shopper on Etsy will receive $5,000 as a thank you for supporting small business and handmade items. I suppose I could probably write that information in another way, and psychologists would say I need to write it six times in order for you to remember it and 22 times in order for you to take action. However, I think more of you than psychologists.

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Knocked Down? Three Sayings to Help You Get Back Up

man hit by boxing glove getting knocked down

(This article uses affiliate links. If you order from the affiliate link, you pay the same amount, and our blog get s a little support. Thank you.) If you want to live a creative life, you’re going to have to face failure, rejection and hard times. With the Internet, you can have complete strangers review your work and describe it as terrible in the most graphic and demeaning ways known to man. The trolls are going to look to knock you down, especially as you become more successful. Don’t let them.

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Hall-of-Fame Rocker Neil Young and Mickey Mouse: the Surprising Connection

selective focus photo of boy standing near miniature train toys

Neil Young’s star was taking off just as Walt Disney’s was setting. Young was touring Canada as a solo artist in 1965. In 1966, he formed the “Mynah Birds” with Rick James, which was signed to Motown. The group had problems when James was arrested for being AWOL from the U.S. Military. Still, Young went to Los Angeles where he formed the highly successful Buffalo Springfield in the same year. It was also the year Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, died.

Neil Young’s Invention

Ben Young, Neil’s son, has cerebral palsy. Growing up, Neil wanted to be able to connect with his son, so he built a 700-foot model train track. He then designed a controller that Ben could use to control the trains. In 1995, Lionel Trains was threatened with bankruptcy. Neil put together an investment group and bought the company, so he could continue his experiments with model trains. The company emerged from bankruptcy in 2008.

Mickey Mouse Hand Car

Flashback to May of 1934, and the great depression has taken the life out of the Lionel. It’s facing bankruptcy but goes into receivership. Two months later, Disney’s marketing genius Kay Kamen comes to Lionel with a plan because he believes in the company. Lionel could make and sell a windup Mickey Mouse Hand Car. They do, and by Christmas, Lionel had paid off its debts, and by January, it was out of receivership.

The Connection

While Walt Disney had a love trains in common with Neil Young, the connection Neil shares with Mickey Mouse is they both saved the same model train company from bankruptcy.

Lessons of Creativity

Neil Young is in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. His creativity comes out in his music, but that didn’t stop him from dabbling in something new. He wanted to share his love of trains with his son. He saw a need and figured out how to fill it. Neil Young was no dabbler in trains though; he had been playing with them since he was five. It was Kay Kamen’s belief in Lionel that led him to offer the company the opportunity to turn their fortunes around. The company said yes to the offer. “Yes” is often the most powerful word.

For more on creativity, follow this blog and join our Patreon. You can also get my books: “Disneyland Is Creativity,” “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity,” and “Penguinate! The Disney Company.”

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Better Search Engine Rankings for Small Business

Google's Clean Design is a part of its marketing communication

Shopping online is the new normal for many Americans, and your business needs to be able to provide its services to where people are. If you’ve neglected your online presence, are looking to expand your business via your website, but don’t have a lot of money to invest in advertising, you need a strategy that will help you garner organic pageviews through higher search engine rankings with search engine optimization.

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