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Disney Lego MiniFigs Series 1: Collectors’ Corner

Disney Lego Minifigs Series 1

(This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a link that goes to Amazon and purchase a product, you support our writing effort without having to pay more for the items you order. Thank you.) If you couldn’t tell by my numerous Disney blog posts or the books I’ve written about Disney (“Disneyland Is Creativity,” “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity,” “Penguinate! The Disney Company”), I’m a Disney fan. Maybe a little less well-known is I love Legos. They’re great for inspiring creativity, especially the basic sets that allow you to build what you imagine rather than following a set of plans and instructions. So, when I saw the Disney Lego Minifigs series 1, I looked at my budget and knew I had to have them.

Disney Lego Minifigs Series 1 Characters

Lego decided to start its series with three of the Big Five represented. Mickey, Minnie and Donald or among the 18 figures. They added Daisy to the group assumedly for symmetry in the release. In fact, only Maleficent and fan-favorite Stitch are without a partner of some sort. Buzz Lightyear has a Little Green Man, Aladdin has the Genie, and classic Alice has the Cheshire Cat. Grown-up Syndrome is ready to battle with the young Mr. Incredible, which I guess timeline-wise doesn’t really work. Peter Pan can take on his nemesis Captain Hook, and Ariel can sing for Ursula.

Appeal of Disney Lego Minifigs

Aside from the fact that they are Lego and Disney, the minifigs have an additional appeal of the blind draw. Not knowing what’s inside increases the anticipation. With each packet you open, you narrow down the one’s you want to get. Soon, you’re wondering if you’re going to get your 10th Syndrome, or if it will be one of the other three characters you need to complete the question. At the end, you hoping to get either the character you need to complete the collection or another of the best characters in it. When that final character is revealed… YOU WIN! It’s exciting and wonderful and fun. Some people would prefer to know what they’re getting, but others enjoy the thrill of the chase.

The Best Disney Lego Minifig

The blind draw gives the Little Green Man the advantage as the best Disney Lego Minifig in Series 1 because you can get a thousand Little Green Men and never have too many. It’s the only character where repetition doesn’t hurt, and in fact, it might help. Little Green Men always seem to travel in groups, except when they are selected by the claw. Some of the other characters seem to be available in other Lego sets if you can afford them. That makes Mickey Mouse a little less exciting though he appears to be in different outfits. The Cheshire Cat is cool, but I’m going to have to give the nod to the Little Green Man.

Collecting and Creativity

Why is collecting a part of our creativity? Ideas come from combining two or more things that haven’t been previously combined. Collecting allows us to have visual and tactile stimulation to improve connections. Oftentimes, people who collect items, don’t focus on just one thing or category. They tend to collect multiple categories of items over time. Perhaps, the most famous example of this is Ray Bradbury’s office at the beginning of Ray Bradbury Theater. He characterizes it as a place where he’ll never starve for ideas. Join us on Patreon for more creativity (and penguins)!

Did you collect and complete your Disney Lego Minifigs Series 1? What are you collecting now? Let us know in the comments.

Can you solve the Disney Lego Minifig Series 1 mashup?
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‘So, You Think You Can’t Draw’ Episode 2 Going Live

So you think you cant draw title page

I’ve designed ‘So, You Think You Can’t Draw’ for people who think they can’t draw. It cuts down the essential shapes you need to draw anything and gives you time to practice them, so that you feel comfortable drawing. Episode one was released on June 15, 2020. Episode 2 will be released today. You already know how to draw; these will just remind you. The series is on Patreon only, so here’s what you need to do if you want to remember how to draw.

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‘So, You Think You Can’t Draw’ Series Going Live

So you think you cant draw title page

Today, “So, You Think You Can’t Draw” will go live at our Patreon page. This series is designed to remind you that you can draw and that you are creative. There are seven short videos that will show the six shapes you need to draw anything. They will be released on a weekly basis and only available at Patreon.

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Russell Nohelty Kickstarts the Summer with Four Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books

USA Today Best-selling Author Russell Nohelty is in the midst of his latest Kickstarter: the “Wannabe Press Summer Fantasy/Science Fiction Novel Slate.” He took some time out of his schedule to answer some of our questions about reading, creativity and how he kickstarts the summer successfully with his latest Kickstarter campaign.

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Director David Lynch on Ideas and Creativity

Twin Peaks Cafe in Washington

(This article contains affiliate links. When you order something from Amazon through these links, we receive a small advertising fee. It doesn’t cost you any more.) According to “Encyclopaedia Brittanica,” David Lynch is an Oscar winning director best know for his mind-bending films, “Eraserhead,” “Blue Velvet,” and “Mullholland Drive.” The TV series “Twin Peaks” originally ran for two seasons in 1990-1991 and inspired the prequel “Fire Walk with Me”; he brought the series back to the small screen in 2017. Lynch has also had is paintings and photos exhibited in Paris. Where does he think ideas come from?

Daydreaming and Travel

In his interview with “the Atlantic,” Lynch said, “You can catch ideas from daydreaming…” If you want to use daydreaming as a way to get those ideas, you need to set time aside to do it. Too often, people are far too busy and stressed to have time to daydream.

“…or you can catch ideas from places. If you think that maybe a place can conjure ideas, then you have to go out of the house and go travel.” New ideas aren’t the only benefit of travel. Going to new places and immersing yourself in new cultures will help create flexibility in thinking and adaptability. It opens the mind and provides a new way to look at the world.

Enjoying the Process

Lynch said in “the Atlantic” interview, “A lot of artists think that suffering is necessary, but in reality, any kind of suffering cramps the flow of creativity… Happiness in the doing is so important.” When you enjoy the process, you get into the flow of doing the creative act. Researcher Csikszentmihalyi describes this flow state as “a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.”

Capturing Ideas

In a “conversation with Paul Holdengraeber,” Lynch says that when you get an idea: “you write that idea down, so you won’t forget it. And that idea that you caught might just be a fragment of the whole, whatever it is you’re working on, but now you have even more bait. Thinking about that small fragment, that little fish, will bring in more, and they’ll come in and they’ll hook on.” By capturing the idea, you earn the ability to get more ideas, and these ideas can lift you out of the drudgery to some “fantastic things.”

The Ideas You Love

In an interview with Russel Brand, Lynch says, “I fall in love with certain ideas and I want to realize those.” If you had to judge the ideas morally, “you would never be able to work… It’s the fantastic thrill of making them.” You have to be true to the idea, so that it will come out right.

Creativity is a meta-skill that you can apply across subjects. If you want to learn about becoming more creative in your area of expertise, subscribe to this blog and join our Patreon. My books “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” offer researched-based creativity tips in a fun way. “Penguinate! Positive Creativity” and “Penguinate! The Disney Company” offer essays and short stories with activities at the end to help you improve your creativity.

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Help Indie Authors Sell More Books with Our Store

Professor Penguin studies for greater knowledge.

We want to help indie authors sell more books. It doesn’t matter whether people purchase the books from us, from the author directly, or from Amazon. What matters is that the books get sold, so that the authors can eventually bring their stories to life full-time. That’s one of the ideas behind our store and workspace, but why is it important to help indie authors sell more books?

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Getting Started with Innovation: Jumpstart Your Creativity with Brainstorming

jumpstart your creativity with brainstorming

Among the writing community, there’s a saying, “You can’t edit a blank page.” The idea is that no matter how hard you try, if there’s nothing to edit, you can’t do anything, so the most important thing is to write the words and worry about their format, punctuation and spelling later. Get the words on a page, and you can hire someone to fix them or fix them yourself. In the same way, you can’t improve on a non-existent idea or bring it to life. In other words, you have to have an idea before you can move on to the next step – implementation.

Jumpstart Your Creativity with Brainstorming

You don’t have to be with a group to brainstorm. In fact, some studies suggest that brainstorming is more effective when done alone. To get the most out of your single brainstorming session, set aside between 45 minutes and an hour. Anything shorter won’t yield the results you need for creativity. Turn off all your electronic devices and go to a room where you won’t be distracted by beeping, phone ringing, or other sounds that will break your concentration and flow.

Sit down with several sheets of blank paper and several pens or pencils; you might even use different colors. Think about your problem or what you want to accomplish, and write down all of the ideas you come up with. Now is not the time to edit or elaborate; you can do those later. There are different formats you can use; choose a style that works best for you. The first 20 minutes, you’ll most likely have mundane ideas that have been tried before. At about 60 minutes, you’ll be inspirationally spent. When you’re ready, you can go through the ideas and discard the ones that aren’t feasible or won’t work.

Brainstorming for Groups

Group brainstorming sessions should be about the same length of time. The goal and the rules should be explicitly stated: all ideas are welcomed, build on others ideas, no criticizing, and go for quantity. There needs to be a skilled moderator who can keep the group of 8 to 10 people on track, record all the ideas, and enforce the rules. When the session is over, someone who has the power to follow through should choose between ideas, implement them, and keep participants informed about the results. The reason most group brainstorming sessions fail is they don’t have an assigned person who can implement ideas and values the process.

More Creativity Tips

If you’d like more creativity tips, join our Patreon and sign up for our blog notices by email. You can also get more tips from “Disneyland Is Creativity” and the “Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” “Penguinate! Positive Creativity” and “Penguinate! The Disney Company” have activities to help jumpstart your creativity.

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3 Disney-related Quotes about Curiosity and How it Improves Imagination

Partners statue in Disneyland

Popular wisdom holds that “curiosity killed the cat.” This phrase is used to warn people against being to inquisitive for their own good. If you don’t ask questions, you won’t find out any information that could get you dead. Eliminating curiosity is good for people or organizations with something to hide. It also good for those who want to exert dogmatic control on their followers. However, humans need to be curious. It improves imagination and leads to greater creativity.

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Follow Mr. Rogers’ Advice and Create Something Today

Create something today like this child's drawing

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. He was one of my father figures, and I’m glad he was there for me when my actual dad couldn’t or wouldn’t be. Mr. Rogers taught about make-believe, feelings, and being true to yourself regardless of what others thought. In the clip below, Mr. Rodgers urges you to take action and create something today. Creating something is a core part of your human beingness.

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Improve Your Imagination for Greater Creativity: Hot Lava Monster

A Child's Playground where you can improve your imagination

The first step to greater creativity is believing that you are creative and you can become more creative. Many people have had their creativity beaten out of them. Schools and workplaces rarely reward creativity because creative people are disruptive in the classroom and often fail because they are trying something new. Creativity is attacked on two levels: the imagination and the actual creation. If you think you have no imagination, read on to improve your imagination.

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