Creativity is a skill that everyone possesses. However, some people have greater creative talent and others have spent time nurturing their creativity. With the links below, you’ll find ways to grow your own creativity through activities and explorations of creative concepts. Penguinate! encourages you to think deeply about your experiences and dive into creativity for a better life and world.

Keep Learning: Steve Jobs said that creativity comes from connections. Creative people aren’t more intelligent, they just have more experiences and they think more deeply about them than less creative people. Lifelong learning is one way to improve the number of connections you have. Watch movies, read books, take a class in any form, or enjoy activities that improve your knowledge set.

Find the Humor: In humor, the joke takes you in one direction until the punchline pushes you in another. Creativity is the same. You go along in a direction until someone is able to come up with something that changes where you were headed. Looking back to see where you came from, the creative solution seems obvious, but it took a leap to get there.

Be Childlike: Children ask questions, explore the world, look at the details and have fun. Children learn best through play. Adults do, too! Grab your inner child and be come more childlike. Find the places where it’s okay to be a kid.

Replenish the Well: Your creativity can’t come from you without having input of some sort. Like a well that runs dry, it’s important to allow your creative self to replenish its ideas and its power. However, it is you relax and improve your outlook, make time to go there again. Some may find replenishment in a book, others a movie, for many it’s travel. Just remember to think deeply about what you’re doing and to take the time to relax. (Check out our travel articles.)

Draw on Life’s Experiences: Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling and Walt Disney are just a few of the people who have used their own life experiences to become more creative. Find a place that needs positive change through your experience and figure out how to bring that change into being. It may not be a short process.

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