Oahu, HI 2018

This page will contain links to information about our Hawaii trip and Oahu in general when they become available:

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My wife and I are going to Oahu! While I would love to see the active volcano, I suspect that we will be spending all of our time in or near Honolulu. In the coming months before the trip, I will endeavor to find people to interview electronically about the island and seek out interesting facts like Oahu is the only home to a royal palace in the United States, loco moco is a local delicacy of egg, hamburger patty and gravy, and the true Hawaiian dessert is called “shave ice” — no ‘D’ much like Carmelo Anthony’s game. (Man, why did I have to bring Melo into this. He’s just chillin’ in Houston and looking to play for a championship. Sorry, got distracted…)

So, Oahu. Why did we choose to go to Hawaii?
There are a lot of places that require Russians to have a visa but not Americans or Americans to have visas but not Russians, and it’s not easy to get a visa to a foreign country as an American living in Russia. I would have to fly to Vladivostok or Moscow, which is expensive and far. My wife already has a visa to come to America, so Hawaii won over Puerto Vallarta.
We are heading out for my Grandma’s 90th birthday celebration in California. Hawaii is kind of on the way from Far East Russia.
I wanted to go see the volcano, but flights were just a little out of our overall budget. Oahu is where the plane stops first and the flight was cheaper enough to make it the only place to stop.

OMG, have you seen the rain in summer in Blago? No? Check out this video on YouTube, and this one with the Amur River level higher than I’ve ever seen it. This hasn’t been a summer. It’s been a monsoon. I’m hoping that Hawaii has a little more sun in November to help us recharge our batteries.