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Stay the F— Home: Activity #3 Video Games

Atari game cartridges

Video games are a great time killer, and they improve hand-eye coordination. You’ll feel like your accomplishing something, be part of a story that is greater than you, and be able to score points. Even if all you do is point and click your way to a better-looking farm or across a raging battlefield, you’ll get to do it with no guilt, excuses, or rationalization. If you go retro, you can even visit Disneyland with the NES game! Stick to old school video games and see if you can get a perfect score on Pac-Man or challenge your friends to an online game of high scores.

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Which Lord of the Rings Actor is the Most Underrated and Greatest Actor of Our Generation?

Gollum at the Weta Workshop in Wellington

(Editor’s Note: This article exploring topic of which is the most underrated and greatest Lord of the Rings actor contains affiliate links. Ordering items from affiliate links doesn’t add anything to the price you pay, and the fees we receive support our artistic and writing endeavors.)

John Rhys-Davies

With 269 acting credits (according to IMDb), Gimli the Dwarf is played by a star who has also been in the Indiana Jones series and on Television’s “Sliders” and in the animated series “Gargoyles.” His other credits include the voice of the Brine King in “Aquaman,” He has arguably been seen more than any other star as he reprises his role as Sallah in Disneyland’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye safety video. Rhys-Davies also voiced Treebeard in “The Two Towers.”

Hugo Weaving

With 96 acting credits, the actor who brought to life Elrond in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Hobbit also played multiple versions of Agent Smith in the Matrix series and was in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” He voiced Megatron in three Transformers films and Rex in the two Babe the Pig movies. He played Tick/Mitzi in the cult classic “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

Orlando Bloom

While the Legolas actor in both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit movies gets his due as heartthrob, his acting prowess may have gone unnoticed. Starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Bloom certainly has his box office chops, even if most people credit Johnny Depp for the movie’s success. Bloom has 42 acting credits to his IMDb profile.

Andy Serkis

The Gollum actor for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit movies played in the new Planet of the Apes films, the new Star Wars films, Black Panther and Avengers: Age of Ultron. He has 103 credits to his name and has done remarkable work in motion capture situations.

Which Lord of the Rings actor do you think deserves more props than he or she gets for his or her acting career? Leave your favorite, most underrated actor in the comments below.

Read about our trip to Hobbiton in New Zealand. Check out photos from Hobbiton. Read about my favorite Lord of the Rings character.

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Stay the F—K at Home (Go the F—k to Sleep parody)

Stay the F--k at Home

The malls are closed; the stores are shuttered.
There’s no place for you to roam.
Disneyland is empty and quiet.
Please stay the fuck at home.

The movie theaters are dark.
Movie companies aren’t releasing any more.
You can watch all the movies on the Internet,
and stay the fuck indoors.

You need to get some sunlight, and the backyard’s just too small?
You can go on a little trip. Let me be your guide:
Around your fence and down the middle
Or stay the fuck inside.

You need to get some groceries?
Get it through your thick dome,
You’ve got enough food and toilet paper. Stop lying.
Don’t go outside; stay the fuck at home.

You need to get some exercise?
You never cared before.
Put on a yoga video,
And stay the fuck indoors.

You’re not scared of a virus?
There’s no need to run and hide?
If not for you, then for your family;
Stay the fuck inside.

You’re bored and lonely and tired?
Just follow the instructions of this poem.
Read books, use Facetime, take a nap,
But for real: stay the fuck at home.

You’ve been cooped up for 24 hours,
And you just can’t take it anymore?
You’ve played video games for three days straight
Jesus Christ, what the fuck? Stay indoors.

You decided to go out and hang with friends
So what if old people will have died?
Make the right choice for your grandparents now,
And stay the fuck inside.

There’s nothing new out there.
Everything’s shut from St. Petersburg to Nome.
Some wonderful places to drive to,
You know where you can fucking go? No, stay home.

This room is all you can remember.
You’ve never been out you swore.
That’s okay. You’ve got this.
Don’t give up and stay the fuck indoors.

The nation is counting on you.
In fact, this is worldwide.
Screw your courage to the sticking post,
And stay the fuck inside.

There’s no reason to leave the house.
In the future you can say with pride
Others went out to meet friends
But I stayed the fuck inside.

If you need more things to do while you’re at home, read, aerobicize, and movies.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get Samuel L. Jackson or Jennifer Garner to read this.

Thanks to Adam Mansbach, who wrote “Go the F—k to Sleep” (affiliate links). Hopefully, he’s coming up with a better version of this.

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Stay the F— Home: Activity #4 Read

Professor Penguin studies for greater knowledge.

If you’re like me, you have a stack of books you haven’t read yet. Congratulations! You now have time enough at last (Thanks, Rod Serling! affiliate link) to tackle all of those reads that have been waiting for you for all these years! If you don’t have a stack of books, that’s okay. You can go to Kindle Unlimited (affiliate link) and discover so many new books for free! It’s like having a digital library. (I don’t even think you need a kindle device, just the kindle reader downloaded to your device!)

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Stay the F— Home: Activity #2 Aerobicize, Everyone!

Yoga is healthy and can be done alone

You’re going to want to stay healthy while you’re in self-isolation, and there are few better ways than dancing by yourself (Thanks, Billy Idol and Gen X; affiliate link). Find some good music and break out those dance moves. You can even dance like no one is watching… because no one is, and if they are, they shouldn’t be because your self-isolating! People need to respect that. Dancing increases the endorphins and improves the immune-stress response. You’ll feel good, and you’ll really be able to cut footloose (Thanks, Kevin Bacon and Kenny Loggins; affiliate link).

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Stay the F— Home: Activity #1 Videos Killed the Radio Star

Your laptop can be a space

If you are in self-isolation or quarantine, now’s the time to catch up on all those YouTube videos (I have a channel; you can subscribe.) you’ve wanted to see, and several you didn’t. Turn off your ad blocker, and find all of the creators who have been lucky enough to monetize their videos, and watch like crazy! (Or find those that have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, subscribe to them, and then watch all of their videos, so that they will be able to monetize their videos at some point in the future.) By starting with those who have monetized their YouTube, you’re doing two things at once:

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What Is Self-Isolation?

Self-isolation spreads the love

If you’re considering self-isolation, you probably have some knowledge about the coronavirus and some questions about what it means to self-isolate. While the information about coronavirus is still evolving. Self-isolation is one of the techniques that specialists are telling people to practice in order to slow the spread of the virus. It also protects other people from catching the virus. If you’re waiting for results from a test, have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, or are just traveling back from a country that has coronavirus, you need to self-isolate.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2020 Penguin Parade

Lucky Penguin has your passport to the St. Patrick's Day 2020 penguin parade

When events started getting canceled and St. Patrick’s Day 2020 parades country-wide became victims of the pandemic, I wanted to do something to help those who love St. Paddy’s Day. Of course, I had to use what I had, so my wife and I put together this penguin parade! The video will go live at 9am West Coast time on March 17.

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‘Ride of a Lifetime’ Offers Iger’s Lessons Learned at Disney

Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disney CEO Bob Iger shocked the business world by announcing his decision to step down from the company’s top position. He led Disney through some of its largest expansions – both in terms of intellectual property (IP) through acquiring Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and 21st Century Fox, and parks built or expanded, including Shanghai Disneyland and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In his book “The Ride of a Lifetime” (affiliate link), Iger allows the reader to see what he has learned during his tenure at the Disney Company, where he started at the bottom and worked his way up.

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‘Just One More Thing’ Explores Falk’s Life and Work

Peter Falk insists his “Just One More Thing” is NOT an autobiography. It’s rather a collection of amusing short stories from his life, and who am I to argue with Columbo? No matter how you categorize the book, it is amusing, entertaining, insightful, and very easy to read. It’ll make you want to see his earlier works. (Please note, this article contains affiliate links. If you order the item from one of these links, I make a little bit of money, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.)

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