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Is a creativity storm coming? You decide. Nine Days Left for You and Your Friends to Sign up!

The penguins are out of the box (even if the cat is still in it). A creativity storm is coming, but it can only happen with your help! For every 5 people that sign up at any level for our Patreon, I will write an additional creativity article. If you want to know more about creativity, this will get you there quickly!

Our current schedule looks like this:

  • August 1: The blog email list – this is open to anyone who has signed up for our email list at and should include a summary of all the articles that we released on my blog.
  • August 2: I will post a copy of the blog email and add some tasty tidbits to it like a creativity tip.
  • August 14: Creativity Post 1 – What do 1980’s ‘Popeye,’ criticism and creativity have in common? This will be released on with a reminder on Patreon sent the next day.
  • August 18: Our Patreon Anniversary!
  • August 22: Penguin of the Month photo

Join us at Patreon to make sure that I have to write something about creativity every day! The more people that sign up on or before July 31, the more articles you’ll see.

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Do You Know How Many Articles I Can Write on Creativity in a Month?

Have you ever wanted to know how many articles I could write on creativity in a month? Generally, I spread my writing out with travel articles, movie and book reviews, penguins and Disney-related material. Oftentimes, there’s an overlap between these subjects and creativity; sometimes, I don’t point the overlap out. What does this have to do with anything?

For the last week of July at our Patreon page, I am issuing a challenge to you, the members of my Patreon and myself. For every five new members that pledge at any level, I will write an article about creativity for all of the Penguinators. If 20 people join, I will write 4 articles for the challenge and one because that’s what I normally write. If 50 people join, I will write 10 articles plus one or more depending on the other goals we achieve. If 150 people join, I will write 30 articles plus one or more depending on the other goals we achieve. That would be at least one a day for the month of August!

I’m pretty confident I can write one a day because I’ve been able to do that at my website for the last 210 days. In fact, I think I can write as many as five articles a day, but that would mean 750 people would have to sign up at our Patreon page.

If you want to know how many articles on creativity I can write over the course of a month, you’ll need to join our Patreon and encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to join. Will you accept the challenge to find out what I am capable of? Let’s find out.

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Why I am (Finally) Starting an Email List

Waving stuffed penguins

I’ve been struggling with this idea of a mailing list ever since Russell Nohelty told me I needed to get one. There are several reasons for this struggle, which I will get into in later posts, but here’s the main reason I’ve decided to go ahead and see if I can build a good contact list:

It will help me keep in touch with you better.

Really, the main reason for any email list is to help keep people informed of what’s going on in the artist’s/author’s/penguin maker’s world without having to worry about an algorithm or some other business suddenly deciding that everything coming from your entire website is spam and won’t be shown to anyone on that platform.

To keep you in the loop and let you in on our processes and our lives, this email list provides the best solution. I wanted to keep it on Patreon where I was doing a newsletter every month, but people haven’t been interested in paying a dollar for it, yet. So, this email list doesn’t cost you anything. Other benefits include (what else you’ll get):

  • Pictures of stuffed penguins
  • Updates on new releases in books
  • Links to travel photos
  • A creativity tip or two
  • Discounts
  • Notifications of our events
  • Did I mention that it’s free (for you)?

Hopefully, this won’t just be a one-way conversation. As an author, I need feedback, and building a virtual community hasn’t really been easy so far. So, if you’re interested in the benefits, please sign up for our email list. (It’s in the beginning stages on July 14, 2019, so there may be some bugs.) We plan in sending out a couple of updates immediately and then once a month – say on the 15th of the month. Of course, you can always join our Patreon and see the great content you get access to there. You can also follow us on our social media accounts; check out the links in the footer below.

Thanks so much,

Shad and Jenya


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Check out my Interview at the Sweep Spot!

Haunted Mansion Is Creativity cover

I was interviewed by Ken Pellman and Lynn Barron from The Sweep Spot for “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity!” My newest book uses the history and structure of the Haunted Mansion, just in time for its 50th anniversary, to illustrate creativity principles.

Ken and Lynn are former cast members from Disneyland. The Sweep Spot is a podcast that talks about all things Disney, including current events. The two hosts have written “Cleaning the Kingdom” and will be releasing their second book “Cleaning the Kingdom: Night, Day Past and Present” on July 17. Visit their website and check out their books, t-shirts and Patreon.

During Podcast 263, I am at about the 30-minute mark for stories about the Haunted Mansion, Journey Into Imagination and creativity. After my interview is Alastair Dallas, author of “Inventing Disneyland.” Check out the podcast and get some books!

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Don’t Let Lilac City Comicon 2019 End

It’s been about a month since Lilac City Comicon 2019. The end of a good comic convention is always bittersweet. A lot of memories were made and laughter was plentiful, but real life has to catch up with con-goers at some point. Fortunately, you don’t have to totally let go of Lilac City Comicon 2019. If you’ve already read all the books and comics you bought and you’ve already put up all the posters and prints, here are some tips to keeping that comicon feeling alive.

If you met an artist, writer, or crafter whose work you loved, you can help keep them motivated by following them on social media, sharing their work with your friends, and when you’re able to buying something from them. Some artists and writers, like us, have a Patreon account that you can support at small levels. (We’d love to have you join our Patreon Penguinators at any level, and you’ll get one Patreon-only creativity post a month and one penguin of the month photo.)

Of course, you’re probably already following Lilac City Comicon’s social media pages. If not, be sure to put your voice out there to tell people how much you loved LCCC 2019. Be sure to follow the stars that did show up for Lilac City Comicon and tell them how glad you were to see them at the convention in Spokane.

Books can transport you to places you never even knew existed. Check out the books from the authors at Lilac City Comicon, including Brian C. Baer, D. Alexander and me! Review those books on Amazon and tell people how much you enjoyed reading their work. More motivation is good for any writer.

Do you need some cosplay inspiration? Order one of our cosplaying penguins to help you find your inner costume. Then get to work on your own costume for the next comicon.

Get ready for Lake City Comicon! From the organizers of Lilac City Comicon, Lake City Comicon in Coeur d’Alene isn’t too far from Spokane. If you can get there and make it a bigger comicon, Lilac City may be able to grow, too. Organizing two cons gives both of the conventions more bargaining power to bring in bigger stars in both the movie and comic world. And since you already love Lilac City Comicon, you know that Lake City will just as good if not better!

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Downtown Independence, OR, on Saturday Morning, June 22, 2019

City Cakes and Cafe Author Signing

Independence, Oregon has a uniquely comfortable and cozy downtown area that is on the rise. The quaint buildings create a sense of going back in time while the shops and restaurants offer a surprising variety of gourmet cuisine and collectibles.

On Saturdays, Independence’s downtown picks up the pace a little bit and offers tourists and locals alike the best of Saturday Markets. With one in the parking lot of Umpqua Bank and another at the park, you’re sure to find the freshest and tastiest of fruits and vegetables. (When we were there last, the strawberries were fantastic, and the starter tomato plants were ready to take home.) There are also hand-crafted items like soap and hand creams.

On June 22, you’ll have one more reason to go downtown. I’ll be doing an author signing in front of Second Chance Books. Come by my table between 10 am and 2 pm and find something good to read. You might even be able to ask my wife about her penguins! Independence, Oregon’s, downtown is an amazing slice of Americana, but you don’t have to take my word for it… We look forward to seeing you downtown.

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Second Chance Books in Independence, OR, Hosts Local Author

Professor Penguin studies for greater knowledge.

On Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 10 am to 2 pm, Shad Engkilterra will be signing copies of his books in front of Second Chance Books on Main Street in Independence from 10 am to 2 pm. Shad has written nine books for all ages; come by and check out the books that are right for you.

For children of all ages, “There Are No Penguins in Alaska” offers the opportunity to color while learning about the animals that people find in Alaska. The humor at the end will keep you smiling.

For those from 8 to 11 and for fans of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the Adventures on the Amur series is two great adventure stories that take place in Far East Russia. Explore a little history and enjoy Steve and Irina’s adventures as they search for the Lost Treasure of Nikolai Nikolaevich or learn firsthand about the Curse of the Golden Kopeck.

For those in high school or older, “The Pirate Union” finds out what would happen if bureaucracy regulated pirate activities. This comedy with a 1990’s sensibility promises magic, puns, and fun as the crew of the Jolly Rogue tries to find out what the nefarious P.U. is up to.

Want to know what it was like growing up poor in the 1980s? “My Life in the Projects” is the mostly true story of how I survived living in government housing as a child.

For nonfiction fans, “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “the Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” offer looks at Disneyland and the Haunted Mansion with an eye toward creativity principles. Take a tour of the Happiest place on Earth and let Walt’s dream bring you greater joy and inspiration through greater creativity, or go through the Haunted Mansion as your Ghost Host leads you on a tour of the beloved attraction while materializing habits to become more creative.

If you need a bathroom reader or are looking for activities to improve your creativity and life, “Penguinate! Essays and Short Stories” and “Penguinate! The Disney Company” are the books for you. These collections of short stories and essays provide suggestions for activities to do after each section. Penguinating is the power of positive creativity.

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Penguinate Table (B91) on Sunday at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2019

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

For the last day of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2019, the Penguinate table will have nine (9) Tiny Avengers to giveaway to the first nine people that come to the table and say “Penguinating is the power of positive creativity.” Be one of the first to make sure you get one of the Avengers in their original Kinder Egg packaging (minus the chocolate egg).

Three of our penguins were adopted on Saturday, so if you know which penguin you want, you should head over to our table and adopt it. Remember every penguin adopted at our table will allow us to donate an additional dollar to the Global Penguin Society.

Our books are still available. Our most popular titles during Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con have been “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” “The Pirate Union” and its pirates, bureaucracy and comedy from the 1990s was also talked a lot about.

If you want a chapbook of death and ghost-related stories, Brian C. Baer has given us some copies to give away. Just let us know you want one.

Come see us at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and find out about Russian Lobby Cards for your favorite movies in the last two years. We’re looking forward to an amazing last day!

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Saturday at the Penguinate table (B91) at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Our penguins are ready to be adopted. For Every penguin that gets adopted, we will give $1 to the Global Penguin Society.

Creativity, Disneyland, pirates, life in Far East Russia and more… If you’re a reader, we’ve got books for you.

Russian lobby cards are for people who love movies. Come find a gem for your favorite film from the last two years with these great mini-movie posters from Russia.

Penguin motivational posters are available: Believing in yourself is magic, Enjoy the journey and more. Just ask to see them.

Free stuff! If you’re just looking for free stuff, ask about Brian C. Baer’s chapbook. If you’re one of the first six people to say “Penguinating is the power of positive creativity” you’ll get a tiny Avenger figurine from the Kinder Egg collection.

We look forward to seeing you at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention 2019. We’re at table B91, near where the celebrities are signing autographs.

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention 2019 Schedule

Lilac City Comicon 2019

As a vendor, I probably won’t have time to get to any of the panels, but if I could, here’s what I’m looking forward to. Friday is the best day to get on the floor and see what the vendors have to offer. The hall is open from 3 pm to 8 pm, and the only panel I would go to is the Spider-Man panel at 5:30 pm, especially since attendees will get a free Spider-Man comic book!

Saturday Panels

Saturday kicks off with time to cruise the vendor floor. At 11:00 am, “Dude, Where’s My Childhood” panel includes a free G.I. Joe comic book as well as a discussion about cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s. At noon, I would hit the Power Rangers panel with Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank. I saw Frank at Salt Lake Comic Con before the name change, and would love to see the interactions between the two Power Rangers.

At 1 pm, is the Avengers: Infinity panel with a free gift while supplies last; this panel would be hard to pass up. Penguinate’s own Tiny Avenger giveaway is some of the impetus for considering this panel; however, the cultural phenomenon of the worldwide shared experience that is the Avengers is a larger motivating factor. At 2 pm, Daniel Logan and Matthew Wood will be doing a Star Wars panel. Logan is an absolute blast to listen to and watch as he interacts with his Star Wars cohorts. (I saw him at Salt Lake Comic Con as well.)

At 3 pm, the panel of the day belongs to Sean Astin. Samwise Gamgee is an iconic character, and Astin was a large part of “Stranger Things 2.” His long career is likely to yield several amazing stories. This is the panel I wouldn’t miss on Saturday.

Rob Liefield has a panel at 4 pm. With the success of Deadpool and the legend of his creation, this is a chance to settle Deadpool’s origin story with the creator himself. Each fan gets a gift, too, so bonus! At 5 pm, there’ll be tips for traveling better and less expensively. We do a lot of traveling, and this could help us do it better. Trailer Park at 6 pm has some appeal, but I may just get on the floor and check out more vendors.

Sunday Panels

At noon, Turtles and More might be the first panel for me of the day. Followed by Asher Angel and Jovan Arman at 1 pm with their Shazam! panel. Maybe I could even be one of the random fans chosen to win something! At 3 pm, there’s a panel on the history of comic books that should be interesting. Afterwards, I would make a couple more passes through the vendors, concentrating on Artist Alley to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

That’s how I would do things if I were attending Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con as a fan. What will you be doing? Leave your favorite panel and activity sessions in the comments below.