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What would America’s ‘The Calling’ look like?

After watching “The Calling” on Netflix, I wondered what the show would look like in the U.S. First, I think there would be a lot more game playing and strategizing than there has been through the first seven episodes of the Indian incarnation of the show. That would take away from the appeal of the show because “The Calling” is at its best when the three contestants are helping each other and taking their individual strengths into consideration, rather than just focusing on winning.

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Layover at JFK? Problem solved with TWA: Photos from the Hotel

The post-modern, 1960s’ style TWA hotel is an oasis of comfort for travelers who have a layover of 5 hours or longer. Rooms are available in 4-hour increments on scheduled times. From check-in to check-out everything is almost completely automated. The beds are comfortable. This is the place to stay for JFK layovers.