Speakers’ Club, Nov. 10, 2018

Speakers’ Club Rules?
Win, Lose or Draw: https://youtu.be/DkanMBGiaxc?t=145
Three of these things: https://youtu.be/GC3AIV7CmVk

Baby, It’s Cold Outside:
Written in 1944 by Frank Loesser to perform with his wife at parties.
Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams: https://youtu.be/DO8vD0ClzbE

I really can’t stay – Baby it’s cold outside
I’ve got to go away – Baby it’s cold outside
This evening has been – Been hoping that you’d drop in
So very nice – I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice

My mother will start to worry – Beautiful, what’s your hurry?
Father will be pacing the floor – Listen to the fireplace roar
So really I’d better scurry – Beautiful, please don’t hurry
Maybe just a half a drink more – Put some records on while I pour

The neighbors might think – Baby, it’s bad out there
Say, what’s in this drink? – No cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how – Your eyes are like starlight now
To break this spell – I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell

I ought to say no, no, no – Mind if I move in closer?
At least I’m gonna say that I tried – What’s the sense in hurting my pride?
I really can’t stay – Baby don’t hold out
Ah, but it’s cold outside

I’ve got to get home – Oh, baby, you’ll freeze out there
Say, lend me your coat – It’s up to your knees out there
You’ve really been grand – Thrill when you touch my hand
Why don’t you see – How can you do this thing to me?

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow – Think of my life long sorrow
At least there will be plenty implied – If you caught pneumonia and died
I really can’t stay – Get over that hold out
Ah, but it’s cold outside
Oh, baby, it’s cold outside
Oh, baby, it’s cold outside

Blurred Lines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyDUC1LUXSU

The wolf and the mouse

She and Him: https://youtu.be/ZVz6TCT5Bjs
Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Muppets: https://youtu.be/ZtoW4aV-CIc
Baby, It’s Cold Outside with Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalban, Betty Garrat and Red Skelton original: https://youtu.be/7MFJ7ie_yGU
With consent: https://youtu.be/amK4U4pCTB8
Consensual: https://youtu.be/jppIA4eRLuY
With kids: https://youtu.be/6bbuBubZ1yE
Baby, It’s Cold Outside with Lyrics: https://youtu.be/hnH_RGyzbSU