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Welcome to Our Tropical Hideaway, You Lucky People You!

Dole Whip Menu at the Tropical Hideaway, Disneyland

The owners of the Enchanted Tiki Room have teamed up with Trader Sam to create a Tropical Hideaway along the rivers of the Jungle Cruise. In the space formerly occupied by Aladdin’s Oasis and the Tahitian Terrace, the Tropical Hideaway serves up adventure in the form of Dole Whips and Baos.

The signature Dole Whip is the Twisted Ambush, a mix of orange and pineapple whip speared with chocolate sticks and surrounded by a fruit mix. Order this and expect the hoopla that comes with and AMBUSH and an alarm gong!

Farther down the line are the Bao. If you’re not familiar with them, you might seek out the short animation “Bao” that showed before “Incredibles 2.” These slightly sweet pastries surround a variety of fillings, including chicken and chick peas. The Bulgogi Beef filling was our favorite. Since we ordered three, we got a discount on our purchase and a free spicy sauce. At about $6 each, Bao are a tasty snack at a decent price for Disneyland.

The crowd waiting to try the Tropical Hideaway with a photo of Bao.
The crowd waiting to try the Tropical Hideaway with a photo of Bao.

If the Dole Whip doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, the sweet lumpia might. Filled with cream cheese and pineapple, the fried treats continue a long time Disney tradition of cinnamon and sugar covered dough treats, which include beignets and churros. Lumpia are served with a pineapple sauce with a hint of spice.

We were there on either the day it opened or the day after. If the Tropical Hideaway becomes popular, seating will be difficult to find. For anyone, or any bird, wondering what happened to Rosita, the Tropical Hideaway provides an answer and some tasty treats both sweet and savory!

Rosita at the Tropical Hideaway, Disneyland
Rosita at the Tropical Hideaway, Disneyland

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