25 Reasons You Need a Stuffed Penguin

1. Penguins are very positive.😃

2. They are funny.🤣

3. Penguins are good companions and confidantes.

4. They love warm hugs. Look, they run to hug you!🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

5. Penguins provide emotional security.

6. They create joy and improve your mood.

7. They are cute. And we mean supercute!

8. They are inspiring!

You want to be big and furious... then you realize you have a different power.

9. You’ll be happy. Have you ever seen a sad person with a penguin?

10. They look nice in any room.

11. They’re all exclusive and unique.

12. You can put your penguin in your purse and travel with him…

A purse penguin

13. …or you can put your penguin in your car and travel!

14. You can share stories with them. http://www.penguin8.com/penguins-in-the-pipes-penguin-storyteller.html

15. They are super soft!

16. You know exactly, what’s in your penguin’s head — stuffing!

17. Can’t adult today? Penguin!

18. Declare your creative intent with a penguin mascot.

Penguinate! Book Cover

19. Connect with your inner child.🐣

20. Practice your presentation.

21. You don’t need to walk him.🐩

22. They’re perfect playmates.

23. Your kids will love them!

24. You can watch movies together.

25. They are adorable!

stuffed penguins waving

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