Speakers’ Club Mar. 2, 2019 ‘100 Zombies’

Speakers’ Club Rules.

Word Crimes sing-along:

Pure Imagination:

Minister’s Cat G.

One Word Story.

Clue redo: A murder has been committed. You must find out who did what with which weapon where.

Attack of the 100 zombies: The victim’s body arises and infects the other people in the home. They make their way to the Amur Fair. We have one gun with 100 bullets. It’s password protected and will only fire with a word longer than the last one that you know the definition of. Use a shorter word or a word that’s been used before, and the gun resets.

Bring your vocabulary because this cooperative game takes brains. (Let’s hope they don’t take yours!)

Next Week: Native American Talking Stick

Bring a question and a comment. Think about what you want more of for Speakers’ Club and what you don’t like about it.