Find Relaxation and Luxury at the Riverside Hot Springs Inn

The Riverside Hot Springs Inn in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, is an all-inclusive vacation destination in the guise of a historic hotel. The staff is helpful and friendly. The Port-Neuf Grille and Lounge restaurant is a gourmet foodies heaven; the cashew and almond butter stuffed avocado is amazing. The historic building is filled with character and comfort.

Most importantly, if you come to Lava Hot Springs for the hot springs, the Riverside Hot Springs Inn offers the opportunity to take advantage of their on-site hot springs privately. Sign up for a time, include the number of people joining you, and the indoor hot springs, or the outdoor hot tub filled with hot springs water, is yours. I recommend the outdoor option for its view; watching the train on the hill as it goes by just improves the experience.

The Riverside Hot Springs Inn was built in 1914. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in a small town, this hotel should be among your first choices. If you choose to leave the hotel, you can visit the Sunken Gardens, and walk along the sidewalks of a town that caters to upscale tourists looking for the better things in life.