New Zealand: A Short Survey of Dunedin

Jenya and I are going to Dunedin, New Zealand to relax. We’re not going to go whole hog to experience all of the attractions available. Instead, we’re going to see the penguins and the beach.

Otago Peninsula

Apparently, the Otago Peninsula has a colony of Little Blue Penguins that come in to rest for the evening. This is the same peninsula that has Lanarch Castle and the mainland’s only breeding colony of albatrosses (albatri?). We’ll try to get to those other places as well.

St. Clair’s Beach

Rated as the best beach in Dunedin, and possibly the best city beach in New Zealand, our chosen hotel is only a six-minute walk away. The weather looks like it’ll be a little bit colder than is good for swimming in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sitting on the beach and the sounds of the waves.

Other Attractions

Because we are spending a large chunk of time in Dunedin, there are some things we should probably look into. New Zealand seems to be a land of botanic gardens, and Dunedin has its own. The city is said to be the best-preserved example of Edwardian and Victorian Architecture in the southern hemisphere, so architectural wonders abound. There are various wildlife tours that will get us closer to penguins, so we’ll have to look into them.

If you have some hints and tips about New Zealand travel, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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