Black Star Burger in Blagoveshchensk before We Head to New Zealand

I thought we should start our vacation a little early this evening by going out to Black Star Burger in Blagoveshchensk. Black Star Burger has some of the least expensive food in town, but it doesn’t sacrifice any of the flavor. Burgers used to run about 75 cents each for the most basic; a recent price increase has seen them become about $1. They high-end burger runs about $12.

Interior of Black Star Burger
Interior of Black Star Burger Blagoveshchensk

If price were the only thing you were to go on, Black Star would be a good choice. However, this burger joint offers so much more than a good deal on burgers.

In most of the restaurants where I’ve ordered meat in Russia, they overcook it. Burgers become little more than tasteless hockey pucks. Black Star is the exception. The burger patties are cooked to the right degree of doneness. They are juicy and tasty. My BBQ cheeseburger was just like one I would order at a mid-level restaurant in the U.S. Jenya’s classic cheeseburger had lettuce and tomato; she said she couldn’t have expected anything else.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, they have options for you as well! That’s not something you get at every Russian, or even very many, Russian restaurants. It also tastes great.

Black Star is one of our favorite restaurants because of the value and quality. (Plus, I like the commercial where Timati meets Philip Kirkorov.) Timati is part owner of Black Star and a Russian rap artist. Black Star is in Los Angeles, but I’m just glad that I’m able to get a moist and tasty burger that surpasses any fast food offering and rivals mid-level hamburger chains like Red Robin.

They give out gloves for their burgers. That way your hands stay clean when you eat. In L.A., these gloves are put in a recycling bin.