Leaving Khabarovsk for New Zealand

We got up for our flight from Khabarovsk early. From the window, it looked like the skies were clear. We showered and made sure everything was packed. Our first taxi couldn’t make it t the hotel, but a second taxi was quickly dispatched and arrived. The roads were slick and ice covered. There were the fewest number of cars on them that I had ever seen in Khabarovsk. It was 6:30 am on a Tuesday; surely there should be more traffic.

The taxi driver dropped us of at the beautiful new Khabarovsk International Airport; the sign was in English and Russia. We went inside and couldn’t find our check-in counter. I walked all three floors, and there was nothing for us. All the check-in desks were for flights within Russia. Finally, Jenya asked at the information desk. We were in the wrong building.

We walked the 300 meters to the more familiar terminal where the customs door was already open. We got rid of the water and yoghurt that Intourist had packed for us and proceeded through the check-in process with no problems. Waiting for the plane, we ate our sandwich from the hotel and ordered a coffee from the café.

On board the Aurora A-319, we were served pancakes and jam with two types of bread, cheese and ham, and a light cake dessert. There was no in-flight entertainment, so I finished “Puck of Pook’s Hill” (affiliate link) and started Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Agent” (affiliate link). We arrived at the airport in Seoul and took the tram to Terminal 2, where we waited in the Transfer Lounge for our next flight.