New Zealand: Aucky Walky Tours Delivers Auckland Fun, Food, and Friendships

An Aucky Walky Tour should be the first thing that everyone books when they come to Auckland. Because these tours are on foot, you get to see things that you miss in a bus or car. There are just certain locations that you can’t learn about until you experience them with someone who knows.

Our friendly guide, and owner of Aucky Walky, Liz led us through a covered alleyway that looked more like a building than a street. It was a shortcut that we wouldn’t have found any other way, and its history was really cool. It used to be a movie theater during the silent film era. It now has several different food joints for different clientele. The older people tend to like the whiskey bar in the basement. The younger set tend to enjoy the rooftop bar. The café in the middle is only open during the week and caters to the employees that work in the area.

We learned about the history of the waterfront, found a cool boutique hotel, and ate chocolate. We also got to learn how to use the bus system. Perhaps my favorite stop on the tour was Bohemein Fresh Chocolates. The chocolate fish were amazing. The important parts of tour showed us spots that are off the main road.

Aucky Walky keeps their tour groups small. We had six people. This allows everyone to get to know each other, and Liz was able to personalize the tour for each of us making sure that we all stayed involved with the walk. A definite advantage over larger tour groups where those in the back may fade off into their own thoughts and not hear or understand what the tour is about.

Another feature of the tour is the introduction to Auckland’s arcades. These are shopping areas that are covered and often hidden from street view. Kiwis know they are there, but Americans may not find them immediately. Having an introduction like the one that Aucky Walky Tours gives is invaluable to improving your vacation and getting the most out of your trip to Auckland and New Zealand. Tacking on the lunch at the Sky Tower was definitely a smart move on our part.