New Zealand: Take a Spin over Auckland with Orbit Restaurant

Orbit Restaurant, in Auckland’s Sky Tower, features good food, service, and views. We booked our lunch as part of the Aulky Walky Tour we had taken earlier in the day. The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, so on a good day, diners can see from sea to sea as the restaurant revolves during the meal.

Our menu choices included two appetizers and two entrees, which was great. Since there were two of us, we chose one of each. The first course was calamari and soup. Both were good, but the cauliflower soup won out because neither of us really like squid.

The main entrée was chicken or a Scotch Fillet, which I mistakenly thought was a fish of some sort. In this case, the Scotch Fillet was a well-cooked, huge piece of meat. The chicken was moist and served with broccoli.

Eating at Orbit Restaurant allowed us to have an experience that compared with the Top of Waikiki. Thanks to the weather, we enjoyed the fabulous view along with our meal.

One of the views from the Orbit Restaurant, Sky Tower, Auckland

For more photos, check out this gallery from Orbit.