New Zealand’s InterCity Bus: Right Price, Right Time

New Zealand’s InterCity Bus from Wellington to Rotorua was super easy to take. All we had to do was talk to the driver and give him our names. With a more-than-reasonable taxi fare to get to the bus stop at the Wellington train station, using the bus to go from city to city in New Zealand makes a lot of good sense depending on your schedule.

New Zealand’s InterCity Bus Amenities

There is no bathroom on board, but that’s not a downside. If you’ve ever been on a bus with a bathroom, you know they can get smelly, and the drive was broken up with two stops: one for a meal, and the other for a transfer.

The Flat Hills stop had the best pie, lamb and rosemary, and the best scones, so soft and buttery. It was a café and tourist park that we would’ve missed if we had taken the lane.

Bus Downsides

Unlike the airplane, there was no loud engine to drown out the guy on his phone, the music coming from headphones of the passenger behind us, or the couple who were having a loud but pleasant conversation. However, there was plenty of time to read, and we got to enjoy the ever-changing landscape with beautiful coastal views, green pasturelands with sheep and cows, and volcanic mountains with snow.

Which Transportation Should You Choose?

In New Zealand, most tourist agencies and Internet suggestions say you should rent a car, but the price of the Intercity bus makes travel affordable without having the stress of driving. If you are comparing with the airlines, planes will get you to your destination quicker. However, a New Zealand’s InterCity Bus will get you there for half the price or less, and the buss is more environmentally sound. So, the questions become “how much time do you have” and “will it be quicker to go through airport security and wait for a plane than it would be to take the bus?” If you have the opportunity, take a bus.