Roly Poly Penguins Debut on Patreon

My wife has spent the last couple of weekends knitting. She works at a hospital and has been using knitting as a way to relieve stress. During that time, she made some Roly Poly Penguins! These penguins are so funny and soft. They are also great for those who enjoy experiencing tactile stimulation. They are just the right size for an adult hand or two child sized hands.

Freshly Hatched Roly Poly Penguin
This was the second Roly Poly Penguin.

These three penguins are all made from different types of yarn. They are squeezable soft and can be hung from your rear view mirror (just be sure to not block your line of sight), in the window, or from the tree at Christmas time! They are about 10 inches in circumference. Which one is your favorite?

If you want one of these Roly Poly Penguins, join our Patreon at the $25 level or higher, and we’ll send one out as soon as we can. Our Patreon helps me to write more and allows Jenya to make more penguins. We appreciate our current penguinators and look forward to you joining the team. Thank you for all you do to help support artists, writers, and those in your community.

Cookie Saturday Roly Poly Penguin
Cookie helped us bake some cookies!