‘Quantum Souls’: a Tour de Force for Adults

Drue M. Scott’s first series, “Quantum Souls,” is a powerful and disturbing tour de force that is meant for a grownup audience. It’s adult themes and situations make it stronger as Scott explores the worth of the human experience and what It means to choose between good and evil. “Quantum Souls” (affiliate link) and its sequels are available on Amazon.

Scott’s autobiographical self-exploration “Found on the Alcan” (affiliate link) is set on the Alaskan-Canada Highway. As Scott traveled down this historic road and through Canada, he picked up a hitchhiker who revealed to Scott who Scott was as a person.

Scott is a kickass sign language interpreter who went viral for his performance at a Flo Rida concert. Of course, with the entertainment industry on hiatus, he is self-isolating and working on the third book in his yet-to-be released Blackwood Forest series.

I am currently editing the second book in Scott’s Blackwood Forest series. The first book has yet to be released because he was trying to find a traditional publisher for it. The series has such great potential, and all of it is on display in the first book. We don’t have a current release date for his next series, but I am excited to see how it ends. If you need some more great reading, check out Drue’s stories.