The Selfishness of ‘I’d rather get coronavirus and die, than…’

Protesters gathered in Michigan with their weapons and their privilege to complain about the stay at home orders issued by the governor there. They waved the Confederate flag, gathered in groups brandishing their weapons, held signs saying they would not comply, and blocked ambulances from getting to the hospital. Live free or die! “I’d rather get coronavirus and die than… see a generational company be gone, let America die, let the economy die, GIVE UP MY FREEDOMS!” These selfish a—holes don’t understand what they are doing. If they would like to die, then they better do it quickly and decrease the surplus population. They don’t have to wait for coronavirus; they have guns. It’s the selfish way out, but it’s a lot better than their proposed solution because getting coronavirus isn’t about them dying specifically. It’s about them passing the virus on to someone else and that person dying, and then multiple people dying from one a—hole who decided he or she didn’t want to be inside.

Your Family

If you say, “I’d rather get coronavirus and die, than…,” the first people you put at risk when you leave home are your family members. You may come back contaminated with coronavirus. You may feel good for 14 days before ever showing symptoms and still be contagious during those 14 days. YOU go hang out with grandma, with your sister and her new baby, the people at the grocery store, and you expose everyone of them to coronavirus. If you expose 10 people a day over that 14 days, and 100 of them get the virus from you, you can expect between 3 and 5 of those people to die. You may survive, but you’ll have killed those people as sure as if you had used your gun to do it.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be the only one who dies from coronavirus, how will your family feel about that? Who will you leave behind? As a selfish a—hole, you’re going to miss out on seeing your children grow up, on years of vacations, and on all the stuff you could’ve accumulated while keeping America great. If you’re not as selfish as you seem, your family is going to miss you, regardless what the rest of America actually thinks about you. You have people who love you and want you to be in this world, even if they are the old people you’re willing to sacrifice for the economy.

Maybe, you’ll be lucky enough to survive coronavirus. Who’s going to pay for your medical bills. One person said they received a $20,000 bill for treatment. Even if the state or feds pay for it, it’s coming out of your taxes. Multiply that by the thousands who are infected, and every person you put in the hospital is costing you and the economy more money. If you’re relying on your expensive health insurance to pay, guess how much more expensive it’s going to be next year. Your presence in the hospital puts the workers at risk, as well. They don’t have the choice to stay at home because they’re taking care of your ass.

Not just the Virus

If it were just the virus that was the problem, then, hey it’s your life. Go have a coronavirus party, bring the lime and Mexican beers. But the virus, which kills between 3 and 5 percent of the people who are diagnosed, isn’t the only problem. When hospitals are overrun with virus cases, cases unrelated to the virus suffer as well. You need a liver transplant or a new kidney? We don’t have any beds. You need a blood transfusion because of an accident? Our doctors are exhausted, and we’re not sure where we can fit you in. You’re having a heart attack? The ambulance can’t get through the sick and dead piling up. People who are ill with the coronavirus are straining the healthcare system to its breaking point, and that affects every other person who needs medical care of other sorts. The bed your sick a—takes up is one that could’ve been used for a real emergency rather than your selfish act of infection and its consequences because you’ll be responsible for infecting others who are also taking up beds.

Your Country

You are destroying the very thing you say you want to save. America’s freedoms are based on the population’s ability to coexist and not infringe on each other’s freedoms. We give up some of those freedoms, as exemplified by the Patriot Act after Sept. 11, in order to have safety. These temporary measures are to allow the curve to flatten out so that everyone remains safe. When you protest, you increase the amount of time the virus is active and the number of people it is infecting. It gets exponentially worse with each passing day. Worse, you’re infringing on the freedoms of others with your acts of ruthless stupidity.

America is not the economy. America is its people. The government is supposed to be by the people, of the people and for the people. It is not of, by, or for business. You can rebuild your generational company. America and its economy can recover from pandemic, and it will. It will just do it much faster if you stay the fuck at home. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Samuel L. Jackson’s got you covered, too. Stay at home, so everyone can get back to their lives more quickly and healthier than ever.