Penguin Plushies and Patreon: Joy, Travel, Friendship, Penguins

Jenya makes some amazing penguin plushies. She’s done a variety of designs from the original white and black and white penguins to the more realistic ones. There’s even a penguin pillow and the flat friends. She makes these penguins by hand, and the 3D penguins come with passports. (Flat friends do not.) So, if you’re looking for a unique gift, check out the stuffed penguins we have available here and on Etsy. A portion of the proceeds from each penguin goes to help either the Royal Albatross Centre or the Penguin Place.

If you want to go a step further in support or creative efforts, you can join our Patreon. Until the end of the month, you can get a Roly-Poly penguin when you join at the $25 level or above. It will also open up other rewards like access to Penguin paper doll Easter edition, and preview chapters of “Tales at an Alaskan Cabin.” Our Patreon is a first step toward us gaining independence and freedom to open a store experience that focuses on creativity, indie authors, and penguins.

We have a lot of ideas, but we need your support to make them come true. Join our community and experience the enriching rewards the creative life and penguin plushies can offer. Joy. Travel. Friendship. Penguins. Thank you.

Little Blue Penguin Pillow
Handmade Little Blue Penguin Pillow