Fairy Penguin Paper Doll Now with Easter 2020 Collection

When I released the Easter 2020 Penguin paper doll, I made a coupon code to give it away for free. If people wanted to, they could pay a dollar to get them or join our Patreon, which comes with other great benefits. While the paper doll is still available to our Patreon sponsors, the code has expired. Not a single person downloaded the Easter Penguin paper doll from my website. That’s fine. I’m sure it will happen again, but here’s what’s strange:

The video I made as Easter Penguin paper doll directions got 180 views! Only a few people watched to the end. On average, people moved on after the first 20 seconds – 8 of those are the logo and title cards.

But still, that’s a lot of views considering most of my videos struggle to get out of double digits. Even the Haka only has 64 views. Why did it do so well? I have no idea. It certainly didn’t work as an ad, so…

I thought I’d make another video with a penguin paper doll. So, I drew up a good fairy, a bad fairy, and a rogue, and loaded them up to the Easter collection. You can get both sets for a dollar or as a Penguinator on Patreon. There’s no special code or discount, but I made a video. Sima makes an appearance at the end!

Now, I don’t expect this one to get 100 views, but if I can get one or two subscribers from it, that would be amazing. I’ve been stuck at 299 for a couple of months. (It’s not a goal that means anything until I get to 1,000, but psychologically, it’s important.)

If you like these penguin paper doll ideas and want some more, let me know. You can even let me know what costumes they should have. If I had paid attention to the day, I would’ve made a space samurai! May the 4th be with you.