Disney’s Olaf the Snowman: Collectors’ Corner

(This article contains affiliate links. When you purchase something from an affiliate link, you support our website without incurring additional costs. Thank you.) When “Frozen” came out in 2013, I was hooked. It became my favorite movie of all time, possibly only matched by the original “Mary Poppins.” It was a fresh story about the love between sisters that turned Disney’s normal true love stories on its head. Like many children, I could be caught singing “Let It Go.” When I made it to Disneyland in the summer after “Frozen’s” release, I stood in line to meet the Anna and Elsa. However, it was the connection with Olaf the Snowman that really permeated my life and led to memorable friendships and interactions.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Admittedly, when the trailer was release with Olaf and Sven battling for Olaf’s carrot nose, I was concerned. Olaf looked like he was going to be the annoying version of a Disney sidekick – pretty much useless, except for comic relief. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Olaf’s gentle nature and unswerving loyalty won me over. If we could all be as caring and selfless as Olaf (and later BayMax), this world would be a better place. It certainly is better for having Olaf in it. My Olaf collection started a little later.

Dance Like a Snowman

I loved “In Summer” for its naivete and its joy. I sang it out loud and danced like Olaf. In Malta, my roommates regularly asked for a performance, and I would give it to them. They laughed, and then something strange happened, they got me Olaf presents. Soon, I had a larger collection of Olaf toys and plushies than I had anticipated. It was great.

Olaf the Snowman Photo

The above photo features only a small portion of my collection. On the left is a plushie who says phrases in Russian and spins around; it was a gift from my wife. Below that is a regular Olaf. The big head behind is an Olaf backpack that I found at the Malta airport on deep discount. In front of that is the Olaf egg version. To the right is an ice cream container that I found when I was living in Marsaskala in Malta for a portion of the summer (see the “unboxing” video; it had very little ice cream in it. The Summer Olaf Pop! was a gift from my niece. I have pins, a sock Olaf, a Lego minifig, and some Kinder Egg Olaf figures packed away. When I get the space, I will bring them out and share them here if you want.

For More on Disney

If you’d like to read more about Disney, check out my book, “Penguinate! The Disney Company.” If you want more history about Disneyland or the Haunted Mansion and how they relate to creativity principles, check out “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” For more from my Olaf collection, check out the videos below.