Winnie the Pooh Figures: Collectors Corner

My wife loves Winnie the Pooh. The characters are gentle, kind, and imperfect. The stories are wonderful to read and remind the reader that he or she can live in a world of love and friends if the reader makes that choice. The Hundred Acre Wood is a safe place to imagine, create, and enjoy the company of your best friends, who are all accepted in spite of their foibles and quirks – even Rabbit finally accepts Tigger and Tigger’s bouncing and pouncing after Rabbit discovers what happens when Tiggers aren’t allowed to bounce. Russia has its own version of Winnie Pooh, so collecting the figures has an interesting international side to it.

Chocolate Egg Surprises

The smallest figures in the photo are from different chocolate eggs. The log collection isn’t complete, and I think there may be more figures for the other collection, but I’d have to look at the check list. The heffalump is pretty cool, and Eeyore is thankful that people noticed him.

Russian Piglet

The Piglet figure in the back is the Russian version. He came in a Surprise box. These boxes have the toy and a pack of five (5) candies. Some have jelly beans; others have sugar candies that are smaller than jelly beans. Admittedly, I don’t buy these toys for the candies, but for $3 on my budget, I want more than five pieces of candy. It’s the whole experience that matters. We didn’t get any more of those boxes because of the disappointment. Chocolate eggs are a much better value.

Larger Winnie the Pooh Figures

The two Winnie the Pooh figures in the back were opportunity purchases. I had a gift card to a local bookstore, and I had to spend it all at once. The two figures made it in the basket because they completed the amount of the gift card without going too far over. They were the only ones available that were Winnie the Pooh themed.

Why Collect?

Everyone has a reason for collecting what they collect. For us, part of collecting is improving creativity. When we can touch the items and mix them with other parts of our collection, we improve our imagination and make connections that weren’t otherwise there. Collecting helps us hold on to our childlike qualities and gives us a reason to explore certain subjects more. What do you collect and why?

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