‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’: A Short Sneak Peek

As an editor, I get to see some pretty amazing writing before it ever hits the shelves. A little while ago, I was able to edit “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” for Drue M. Scott, and I was struck by his ability to create a realistic world that generates excitement about where he’s going to go with the story. Now, that he’s in the process of getting the book ready to publish here is what I can tell you…

Blackwood Forest

The small Oregon town of Blackwood Forest is like a lot of other small towns in Oregon. It’s surrounded by trees, has a great coffee shop and bar – even if they are really the same establishment, and its sheriff has been around longer than he cares to remember, but no one would have it any other way. Still, there are some peculiarities about Blackwood Forest that make it different.

The Monster in Blackwood Forest

While many Oregon towns might claim to have a sasquatch or bigfoot nearby. Blackwood Forest’s monster is much more sinister and violent. People in the town don’t talk much about it, but they all know to stay out of the woods at night. It is rumored to have killed Jinx’s parents leaving the Deaf girl an orphan. There hasn’t been much activity since that fateful night oh-so-long ago. Jinx lives with her uncle and his girlfriend. She pals around with Christian, her best friend, who is gay, and she’s been living with a gift, or a curse, since her parents died. The sheriff never did find the person responsible for the two grisly murders, and that’s why many people whisper it was the monster in Blackwood Forest.

Drue M. Scott

Drue’s first book is a journey of self-discovery based on his trip down the Alaska-Canada Highway, or Al-Can. He then wrote the series “Quantum Souls” (QS), which you can get on Amazon. QS is a graphic tale of love, the afterlife, and the battle between good and evil, or order and chaos, depending on how you want to look at it. That series is not for the faint of heart. His latest endeavor, “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is less graphic, and it tells the tale of family, growing up, and changing as the environment and the world around you changes. (At least, those are my thoughts on his work.)

Drue also has a blog where he publishes poetry and posted a short story series “A Walk through…” Follow him there or at his Facebook for more information on the coming of “The Monster in Blackwood Forest.”