Free Book from Best Selling Author Russell Nohelty – Just Pay for Shipping

Normally, I would be publishing a #WednesdayWisdom about this time. I’m not sure what this week’s would be about because I haven’t found the right subject. However, what I did find (in my email) was an amazing offer from Russell Nohelty – a free, hardback book! You just need to pay for shipping! (Offer good through Saturday, August 15, 2020.)

Who Is Russell Nohelty?

Nohelty is a USA Today best-selling author, who may be best known for his “Katrina Hates…” series. He combines wit and irreverence with a soul-searching style that makes his books fast-paced. His books make for great reading, and his graphic novels are beautifully drawn. If you want an eye-candy, mind-blowing experience, Nohelty is the guy to turn to. (He also helped me when I first started writing and publishing books.)

“The Freebs”

In his emails, Nohelty usually links to free downloads of books he’s found or has partnered with. He calls them, “The Freebs.” But if you’re like me, reading on the Internet is too difficult. Your eyes dry out, your screen isn’t at the right level, and the heat generated by your computer (or other reading device) is uncomfortable. Besides, a book is just more comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, books are expensive to produce and difficult to ship. EBooks, however, are relatively easy to give away, even if they take the same amount of time to produce. Sending an eBook is much easier and cheaper than a hard copy.

What Book Is He Giving Away?

Still, Nohelty isn’t going to let that stop him. If you’re willing to pay shipping, you can get “Pixie Dust”! This graphic novel is 112 pages of pixies, murder, monsters, and revenge.

Why Would He Do Such a Thing?

Nohelty is willing to bet that you’re going to love this graphic novel so much that you will become an ardent fan of his work. He’s had requests for free, hard copy books before, so this is to help fulfill that wish, and he has a new project coming out in the “Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter” series that he wants everyone hyped for!

Why Should You Get This Book?

Russell Nohelty is truly a unique author. He is prolific in his work, gracious with his knowledge, and is truthful about himself and his world view. You can rest assure that he will over-deliver and bring you a great piece of work. Start with the free book “Pixie Dust” and see how quickly you become a fan.

(Full Disclosure: I would normally use affiliate links if they exist. However, I am fully endorsing Russell Nohelty’s work without any advertising fees, other remittance, or promise of payment. I am just grateful for what he brought to the beginning of my writing career. For more on Nohelty, check out this blog post on his book “Invasion.”)