Pre-order ‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’ for 31 Days of Halloween

Tomorrow, Drue M. Scott releases the first book in his trilogy “Mortal Choice.” You can pre-order “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” (affiliate link), which focuses on Jinx, her pack, and her human friend, Christian. You can hear Drue read a story from Blackwood Forest accompanied with visuals in the video below.

What’s It about?

“The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is a horror love story that finds its heart in its characters. Its themes are strongly rooted in family, friendship, loyalty, and acceptance of others. Scott has created a fairy language for those magical creatures of another realm. As you read the first book in the “Mortal Choice” trilogy, you can feel that Scott is building a world epic in scope but personal in nature. It’s a rare combination that will have you longing for the second in the series.

Can’t Tell the Players without a Program

Blackwood Forest is a friendly town in the forests of Oregon. The sheriff is an old man, who doesn’t believe the stories of the monster in the forest. Jinx’s adopted father Jax leads the pack of werewolves that call the town their home. Jinx, herself, is a deaf, young woman. Her best friend Christian is abused by his father and taunted because of his sexuality. The Wooden Pot serves the best coffee in town, and the Wooden Pint is a bar attached to the Pot.

Who Is Drue M. Scott?

The author of “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is a sign language interpreter who went viral for his work at a Flo Rida concert. His other books include the autobiographical “Found on the Alcan,” and the “Quantum Souls” series. He has already finished the second book in the “Mortal Choice” trilogy and has written up additional material about the characters for his blog. Scott enjoys traveling and doing handstands whenever possible.

Order Today

The book officially releases on Amazon on October 2, 2020. You can pre-order “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” today (affiliate link).