ICYMI: ‘My Life in the Peace Corps’ Available on Amazon

You can now get both the paperback and the eBook of “My Life in the Peace Corps” today at Amazon! I composed this from the letters I sent home while I was serving in Peace Corps Guinea, where I joined as a Public Health and Community Development Extensionist. I was assigned to the health center of a small town of about 5,000 people in the middle of the country. My nearest Peace Corp neighbor was 70 km away during my first year, and I could only get a car out of my village on Saturdays.

Because I wrote these letters at the time of my service, they represent how I was feeling at the time. I served from 1998 to 2000. Twenty years can change a person’s memory. While the letters didn’t include all of the stories that I tell surrounding my Peace Corps experience, I wrote them to help my friends and family understand my experience, so they could have a context of sorts when I talked about my experience.

After 20 years, my Peace Corps experience is still affecting me. Peace Corps showed me there were places when I would need to use all of the knowledge I have gained and all of the skills. I didn’t have to just focus on one thing, and if I did, I would fail. It was a great place for creativity, learning about different ways people meet their needs, and it was a place I where I felt like I could make a difference every day, I just had to choose to do so. I hope you enjoy reading these letters. There are more stories for available for those who want a sequel and want to know more about my Peace Corps service. “My Life in the Peace Corps” available now!