Lincoln City Archery Offers Beginning Traditional Archery Class

Starting June 22, Lincoln City Archery will offer a Beginning Traditional Archery Class. People ages 8 to 120 will be able to learn the basics of traditional archery while working on their form and delving deeper into the calming aspects of shooting a bow and arrow. For more detailed information, see the Class Summary below:

Beginner’s Traditional Archery

Six-week Course

Maximum of four students per class. Archers can be any age from 8 to adult. Archers as young as six may enroll but must demonstrate the ability to pull the bow (at 15 pounds) and the ability to follow safety instructions.


$300, includes instruction, use of range equipment, 1-hour lessons, and reduced range fees for the duration of the course.

Students will use the range’s 22-lb bows; for those who need a lower draw weight, our 15-lb bows will be available. Arrows will also be provided. Arm guards and gloves may be available or purchased for use if the student requires them.


Learn the basics of traditional archery shooting starting with a Mediterranean draw and focusing on the ability to use both hands. Skills will include stringing, unstringing, and caring for a bow.

Reduced-price shooting during normal range hours throughout the course, so students can practice their new skills. (Students must book online; discount only valid for students enrolled in range classes.)

Traditional archery provides the student the opportunity to clear the mind and focus on body form and movement. As the student progresses, archery can provide a way to relax and get away from the distractions of everyday life. It’s time to connect with your mind and body while enjoying a relaxing exercise designed to encourage and empower you.

Course Outline

This course will focus on the proper form for traditional archery. By the end of the five weeks, students will be able to hit the target every time. Body position, mindset, concentration and focus are the keys to success for this course.

  • Week One: Students will focus on the dominant hand and body position.
  • Week Two: Students will have time to practice with their dominant hand and learn to use the non-dominant hand.
  • Week Three: We will use this week for trouble shooting the form, including the anchor point, shoulders, and release. Students will be introduced to concentration and focus. Students will use both hands.
  • Week Four: Students will learn about nocking the arrows without looking at them and how to hold arrows while carrying a bow. Students will use both hands.
  • Week Five: Students will learn about breathing and different stances. Students will use both hands.
  • Week Six: Students will demonstrate their proficiency in the skills they have learned.

Lincoln City Archery will hold classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and from 5:45pm to 6:45pm. Make up sessions will be available during the week for enrolled student range fees or in another class – space permitting.

Lincoln City Archery Prices for Currently Enrolled Range Students

  • 15 minutes for $5
  • 30 minutes for $7
  • 45 minutes for $10
  • 1 hour for $12

Call 503-409-8371, message us at, or use our contact form to get enrolled in the beginning traditional archery class. Students can also enroll in person at the Lincoln City Archery Range in the Lincoln City Outlets where classes will be held. First classes will start June 22, 23 and 24, 2021.


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