Basic Traditional Archery Level 2 – Lesson Plan 5

All lesson plans are outlines for the class in question, they will be adapted for the ability and desires of the student. Students are responsible for practicing what they learned after the class is over and throughout the week.

Lesson Five:

  1. 10 to 15 minutes: Warm up the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, back and body. Simple movements to get ready to shoot.
  2. The student will shoot with a focus on distances. Starting at 10 yards, the student will shoot for five minutes, alternating hands until a bull’s eye is hit with each hand or the time has expired. After that the student or the target will be moved a yard away and the process will continue until a maximum distance of 20 yards.

This lesson is for students who are participating in the class alone. An alternate lesson will be created for classes that have more than one student.

Archery is a workout. It involves repetitive motion and includes the pulling of bow multiple times, even a 22# draw weight can become heavy. Students will also walk between 10 and 15 yards to retrieve their arrows after shooting three. Dress in comfortable clothes that fit well.

Arm guards and gloves are available for use should the student need them. Getting an archer’s tattoo, when the string hits the elbow or forearm and leaves a red mark or bruise, or blisters is no fun and may hamper future shooting possibilities. Please be aware of your body and your limitations.

If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home. We can provide you with a make-up class, or classes, at some point in the future when you are healthy. Your health is more important than making it to archery class. Just call us and let us know that you won’t make it in. Thank you.