Zombie Apocalypse Live Action Arcade Rules

Using a bow and arrow, players will attempt to fend off the zombie apocalypse at Lincoln City Archery. This game will function like an arcade game. Players can continue by adding to their monetary total, and players can reserve their space on the machine with a (virtual) quarter. Each point counts as a zombie kill, and combos (three head shots by a player in a single round) will be counted. At the end of the game, the player will know the amount of time played, and the number of zombies killed as well as the number of combos achieved. High scores will be posted at the range with the player’s chosen (appropriate) moniker.

How to Get Lives

A player has a number of lives equal to the amount of money paid for lane time. The game ends when either the player is out of lives or the lane time has expired. For example, a player, who pays $15 for 15 minutes of lane time, will get 15 lives, the game will end when the player has 0 lives or when the 15-minute timer runs out. (A player will be allowed to complete the arrows left in the cone and have a final three arrows if there is no one waiting to play.)

If a player runs out of lives before the timer runs out, the player will be allowed to shoot at the regular targets on the range. The timer begins at the time the player starts shooting whether or not the player starts shooting at the zombie. A player may extend playing time by paying for extra lives and by purchasing more range time providing there are no players waiting to play the game. (Placing a quarter on the machine.)

Zombie Placement and Movement

Players play in teams. Zombies outnumber the players by one. For example, a single player will face off against two zombies. Two players will face three zombies, three players will face four zombies, and four players will face five zombies. Zombies start at 14 yards and move closer each round unless they receive a head shot. One head shot keeps the zombie in place, two head shots moves the zombie back a space. Three head shots on a single zombie only moves the zombie back a space, but it still counts as a combo. If a zombie at 14 yards receives two head shots, it does not move back a space.

How Lives Are Lost

A zombie that reaches the kill zone will remove one life from every player. If two zombies enter the kill zone, players lose two lives. Players continue to lose lives every round that a zombie remains in the kill zone. A player that shoots a victim will lose a life.

How to Score

All zombie parts are given a point value. An arrow that falls inside the space receives that score. An arrow that breaks the line will also receive the score. If an arrow pierces two lines, the higher value will count toward the score. The judge’s ruling is final.

Zombie Apocalypse Targets

If a player would like to take a zombie target home, the player must pay $8. The target may be shot at on the range, or the player may keep it to the side rather than shoot at it. Zombie targets were created by the artist responsible for illustrations in “Junior Braves of the Apocalypse.