Your Staycation begins at Lincoln City Archery

With gas prices soaring into the stratosphere, you may want to stay a little closer to home and still have fun. The Oregon Coast is a great destination, but it can be a little rainy. That’s why your staycation begins in Lincoln City and you’ll have more than enough to do when the liquid sunshine falls from the sky. It all starts with us at Lincoln City Archery located at the Lincoln City Outlets. (Of course, if you happen to be from farther out, we’re happy to see you, too.)

Just a Little Archery

Our shortest sessions are 15 minutes and run $15 (as of May 2022). They include equipment and instruction. These 15-minute sessions are designed to give you the basics in body position that will allow you to hit the target by the end of the session. For many people, this is the perfect session. Archery is a physical activity involving the repeated pulling of 22# and walking between 20 and 28 yards every three arrows. You can go a little longer with 30-minute at $25, 45-minute at $35, and one-hour sessions at $45.

More In-Depth Archery

If you’ve always wanted to learn archery and want to gain more in-depth knowledge, we offer the pay-as-you go classes. The first class will teach you the basics of getting ready for archery as well as body position. Once you’ve taken the first class, you can add other classes as you like. If you’re close enough to make archery an hour a week or more, you can sign up for six classes at once and get a discount on the course cost. Courses run $300 for six or $65 per class. If you book this type of class, it is likely you will be the only one on the range unless a friend or family member joins you. There is a slight possibility that more people will join, but our classes are limited to four people at a time.

Live-Action Zombie Apocalypse and Other Games

Want to test your archery skills against zombies, Baseball Duck, or a friend? We offer archery games by reservation. Live-Action Zombie Apocalypse is our most popular arcade style game. You and your friends face off against a horde of zombies. Nick! Nock! NO! is our version of archery Tic Tac Toe. Baseball Duck and his crew are waiting to take you on in our version of archery baseball. These games are not for new archers, but many people find them fun after 15-minutes of instruction.

When Your Archery Session Is Over

Lincoln City Outlets offers other activities to help your staycation be more fun. Scout has axe, hatchet, and knife throwing, as well as a selection of Oregon and Pacific Northwest inspired items, like coffee and candles. Galaxy Arcade offers a selection of video games and a comfy pair of couches for those interested in high-definition, large screen fun. The Pepper Palace allows tasting of their barbecue and hot sauces. The Local Faire offers you the opportunity to support other local artists and creators. You are sure to enjoy your staycation in Lincoln City.

Lincoln City Archery is locally owned and family operated. We are open the same hours as the mall. Summer of 2022, those hours are 10 to 7, Monday through Saturday, and 10 to 6 on Sunday. Our lightest bows are for eight years and over. We have four lanes available for traditional archery shooting.

To reserve and ensure your spot book online or call 503-409-8371. We are happy to do parties.