Preorder for at Lilac City Comicon 2019

You can order any penguin that you see on our site or come up with your own costume for the penguin to cosplay in. (You could go as twins.) If you need reasons to preorder, check out the top 3!

Give me my stuffed penguin!
without costume $25.00 USD with costume $45.00 USD
Color or black and white?
Which costume would you like?

Order your books here. Then they can be ready for you and you won’t have to worry about the stock getting sold out!

Disneyland Is Creativity $15.00 USD Haunted Mansion Is Creativity $15.00 USD Penguinate! Essays and Short Stories for Creativity $10.00 USD The Pirate Union $15.00 USD The Treasure of Nikolai Nikolaevich $10.00 USD The Curse of the Golden Kopeck $10.00 USD My Life in the Projects $10.00 USD There Are No Penguins in Alaska $5.00 USD