The Secrets to Creativity: Exercise

No matter how many benefits there are or how many good things come from exercise – longer life, better quality of life, stress relief, better health, improved ability to move, less heart disease, better breathing, more energy, and better thinking are just some of them – people are still unable to make the time for even a small amount of exercise every day. It’s gotten so bad that someone recommended losing the remote to the TV, so you would have to get up to change the channel. (Of course, television manufacturers responded by making televisions that won’t work without a remote.)

Not only does exercise give you all of the above-mentioned benefits, it also makes you a better creator. Living longer means you’ll get to create longer as you age. Better thinking means you’ll also be able to think creatively better because they are, in essence the same thing. More energy allows you to create longer during a specific day. Better health means you’ll be able to create during days when you may have otherwise been ill.

If this were all that exercise did, there would be plenty of motivation to get moving. However, Wendy Suzuki in “Quartz” magazine suggests that there is evidence that exercise improves people’s abilities to imagine new situations. Scientific evidence shows that walking and other exercise is good for becoming more creative. Henry David Thoreau is one creator who used exercise to overcome blocks. So, get out, get moving and enjoy your new-found vigor and creativity.

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