The Creative Spark: Make the World Better

It’s in you; it’s in me. The creative spark is what humanity is made from. We’ve used it to advance. We’ve used it to live longer. We’ve used it to make beauty and to improve everything from transportation to entertainment. We’ve also used it to be destructive. From the falsification of data to the improvement of killing techniques and from the justification of social ills to the increase in devaluing technologies, creativity isn’t only for the good, it can be used for bad.

What you choose to do with your creative spark is completely up to you. You can even choose to do nothing. Hide it under a bushel, and pretend like you don’t need it. Cover your soul with mind-numbing activities that don’t add joy to your life. Or you can follow the advice of Robin Williams:

Take your spark and fan it into a flame to burn brightly. Create with abandon. Build and make new items for the betterment of your part of the world. Feed your creative spark and let the world know that you’re ready to improve the world with beauty, love, comedy, whimsy, and joy. We’ll look forward to it.

Because, as Figment and Dreamfinder sang: One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of the all creation…

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