The Journey to Better Marketing: Marketing Communication

You can have the greatest products and services in the world, but if no one knows about you, you’re not going to sell much. Advertising is a smaller part of marketing communication, which encompasses everything you do to communicate about what you offer.

According to “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days,” “Communication is the key factor in determining whether a customer is retained, whether the customer spends more with you, and whether you outsell the competition.” It can be verbal or visual.

Your marketing communication should be clear, be focused on the benefits of your products and services to the customer, grab attention, and provide enough information to persuade the customer to buy. It should be easy to read without a lot of clutter. Oftentimes, too much text is off-putting. Look at the Google search bar when you start, there’s the word Google (or the Google doodle), a search bar and a choice between two buttons to push. The rest is white space.

You can build your credibility in your marketing materials through testimonials, case studies, correct grammar and typo-free content. Hire an editor to read through it for you at least once.

This information is adapted from “Guerrilla marketing in 30 Days.”