The Journey to Better Marketing: Creative Planning

Your creative plan is the one that will direct your marketing communication at the right target audience. It will use a benefits approach that looks and feels like your company and provide you with the instructions that allow for continuous evaluation and improvements to the marketing plan. Your creative plan reminds you to think about marketing results and not how much you’ve spent. It will also regulate how often you communicate, avoiding communicating too often or not often enough.

Your creative plan is related only to your marketing materials and communication, and each type of communication requires its own creative plan. In the creative plan, you need to state the purpose of the communication, how you intend to achieve the purpose and the tone of the communication.

For example, “The email list will provide a continuing connection to readers and Penguinators. We will send out a weekly email which lists what’s been posted on the blog, and a separate email every month that will inspire creativity and joy. Our happy emails will be a light in the darkness.”

Your communication should get attention, be believable, and motivate for action.

Information adapted from “Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days.”